Technical Difficulties


One point six miles! Wooooo!

I feel good. Really good, actually. Though there were, as the title indicates, some technical difficulties. At exactly 15 minutes I almost bit it because the belt was slipping on the treadmill. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the emergency shut-off tab popped lose as I stumbled and brought everything to a screeching halt. I snatched the manual off the shelf and figured out how to tighten the belt…then spent a good five minutes rummaging around my tool bench in the garage looking for my hex wrenches. (What? Doesn’t every gal have a set of hex wrenches?)

Finally found ’em, tightened things up and hopped back on to finish the podcast.

Thankfully, I was exactly half way through the session because the emergency tab shut everything down and I lost my initial distance info. To track things, I just doubled the second half. Granted, my cool-down was slower than my warm-up, but I am OK with that. Overall I sped things up which meant I actually broke a decent sweat. (I hate to sweat for those of you who don’t know me. However, living in the South for the past four years is desensitizing me.)

Also, I ate breakfast and lunch today. Go me! For dinner I am munching on some spinach and artichoke humus with table water crackers. My appetite and metabolism are already changing. I think my eating habits shall follow suit. Eventually I hope to get where I am eating a big, protein rich breakfast, a mid-size decent meal for lunch, and a light dinner.

I discovered that I do not like the music track with the Running Mate 5K 101 so I have decided to stick with the Cool Running C25K podcasts (I believe they are called Podcasts for Running on iTunes). They C25K guy is a little hard to hear over the music track in a few places on Week 1, but now that I have the intervals down it isn’t a big deal.

The Good Stuff:

  • I feel great!
  • Feeling this good is making me want to keep it up and change my eating habits/schedule
  • I feel great! (I said that already, but I do…I am so shocked by it.)
  • I didn’t almost fall over and/or pass out when I got off the treadmill (food and water throughout the day today I am sure helped with that) and no headache after
  • I’ve started stretching both in the morning and before I go to bed
  • I was able to run without holding onto the treadmill this time (it takes a bit of balance!)


  • The fourth toe on my left foot is going numb while I am walking/running…maybe the shoes? Though, this has happened to me in the past when I’ve exercised. I suppose it could have been the shoes then, too. We’ll see.
  • I am so out of shape! (Yeah, yeah I knew this already.)  My calves ache from about three minutes in through the finish. Though, I admit, now that I am cooling down I feel great. If this part keeps up I can force myself to deal with the 27 minutes of aching.
  • I need to keep remembering I am only on day two…my head keeps jumping ahead seven months and I feel so slow and inadequate. I need to stop doing that!
  • I need a sports bra. I was going to try to wait until a shed a few pounds because they are less expensive and easier to find in smaller sizes, but it definitely can’t wait if I want to keep going with this (and I do!).

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  1. Good job!

    I am not a treadmill fan. I tend to get motion sick on them. Crazy, huh?

    Do you plan to do most of your training on a treadmill or will you be venturing outside to run too? I’m sure with the heat of summer running outside wouldn’t be too pleasant.

    • Thank you!

      And actually, not so crazy! I find I have to be careful if I am looking around the room or I get dizzy on mine. And I absolutely cannot look out the window (the treadmill is in my bonus room over the garage), the height combined with the movement does me in! Also, when I am finished with a run I seem to have “sea-legs” for a while when I get off the treadmill…

      Eventually I will be headed out to the streets and trails to run so that I am more ready for an actual race, but you’re right, the heat and humidity would kill me if I tried to run in it right now. Thankfully fall should be here soon. The dogs will be happier then, too…they get more walks when it is cooler out.

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