“Patience is a virtue!”


Repeat 100 or more times.

I need to keep reminding myself that I started this running thing from ground zero. A completely (almost, anyway) sedentary lifestyle. And I’ve lived this way for years. It is going to take my body some time to adjust to the sudden onslaught of activity. I know, three days a week at 30 minutes a shot isn’t an onslaught to most, but imagine sitting in a dark room for hours and someone suddenly flips on mid-day, sunlight-bright lights. That is what this is like for my muscles. Last week they were doing some blinking. The shock of what was going on hadn’t really set in. Now, they are hurting, but only while I run.

I still feel good after the runs, so I am estimating that this crazy starting out stuff will only last another few weeks. However, I have resigned myself to being OK with needing to repeat this week to get through this stage. Right now there is absolutely no way I could run three minutes straight (even with someone chasing me…that thought enters my mind sometimes while I am doing these runs and it scares me).

I also find it interesting that the variety of muscles I am “feeling” is spreading. I like it. It means my body is working.

The problem is that I am impatient. Mentally I am ready to DO this. Go, go, go! But my body is saying, “Wait! Slow down! Give me a minute to catch up!”

Sunday is day two. And then the real test…day three will be at a hotel. Nothing like the hardest day of a hard week in a new environment to test the determination. And I will have to do it in the morning because I am meeting my mom and sister for dinner that night. At least I am running. I could be sitting in the breakfast area eating a doughnut while I am there.

I know I complain a lot. Right now it is frustrating that my body isn’t where my head is with all of it, but I also know that will change. And the change will happen quickly. I just need patience. I am enjoying this journey (after the runs anyway…during them I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into). Thanks for hanging in there with me…it will get better soon!


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  1. This is the hardest part. and you sound just like most runners, we like the way we feel after we finish, but during I have a lot of questions about what I’m trying to do.

    I do wish I could say the pain is temporary. It’s sort of temporary but I get sore with any increase in miles right now myself. It does get better though, and you are doing quite well.
    When I really have issues on a run I repeat all the resons it’s good for me,
    weight control, bone density, cholesterol lowering, blood pressure lowering, and onwards. it gets me through about a half mile at least..
    Hang in there. I am counting on you to hang out with me in March!

  2. Thanks, Holly!! Yeah – I am looking forward to when I can expect it to hurt because I am increasing distance or speed, but (hopefully) won’t if I am just running a regular daily jog. If nothing else, at least by then maybe I will be somewhat desensitized! LOL I think part of the problem right now is that I haven’t hurt at all in so long, it seems worse than it actually is.

    For the record, I _am_ having fun doing this and am really, really looking forward to March!

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