Stats: Finally, the pounds start dropping


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 210

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Note: I have updated the frequency of posting my measurements to once a month (I am not sure why I thought I was going to do them every other week…I don’t expect to drop size that fast, or at least not fast enough to make that much of a difference in the measurements).

I can’t express how exciting it is to see a smaller number when I get on the scale! I’ve been really good with eating at least a full lunch and dinner all week (and something for breakfast, though usually not what most would consider a “full” breakfast). Last night I had dinner at friends’ which wasn’t the healthiest of meals (nachos and jalapeño poppers), but I kept the portions very small. It will be a challenge keeping things healthy when eating with friends…something I do on a fairly regular basis. We’ll see how it goes and how frequent it actually happens.  From there I will decide how to handle it in the future. I did skip the potato chips that were out – talk about a challenge! I love salty snacks. Ultimately, I found I didn’t really want any of it and I had an upset stomach all night. I am wondering if that was just a one-time thing due to something else going on or if my body is starting to crave better foods.

Speaking of breakfast, time to go fix something to eat. Later is day two of week two – wish me luck!


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  1. congrats on the weight dropping. I somehow gained 3 pound this week, so I am sitting here insanely jealous of your loss. really.

    I think I know how i gained the poundage though and now, I get the ultimate joy of losing them AGAIN.

    Sometimes when I have to go to some sort of outing, I tend to bring something that I like that is also healthy along, so there is an option. I’ll bring something like a fruit salad and triscuitts and cheese, not uber healthy but I love cheese and I will eat it as opposed to some things.

    • Thanks! It isn’t much, but I am glad to finally see it start happening.

      I have a terrible time with water weight/retention (especially around “that time of the month”, so we’ll see what my weekly weight recordings do then. Now that I am consistently drinking more water I think that will help.

      I _love_ cheese! It is the one thing I absolutely won’t give up. 🙂 And good thinking about bringing food! Totally acceptable with these folks too. I can always throw together my feta, cucumber, and salmon salad. It is super easy and fills me up.

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