This week has not been a normal or representative week of my typical work travel. I haven’t had any free time because I am traveling with a co-worker as part of our coaching/mentoring program. Normally my mornings and evenings are wide open, but not this week and I have not done well with keeping to any sort of running schedule. I did get dressed and go down to the hotel gym yesterday morning, but it no dice. There are several conferences taking place here and the hotel is at capacity making for a busy gym. It is also right near the freeway and I don’t feel comfortable or safe running out on the roads.

The extra break has been good for my ankle though, so I guess everything works out in the end. I ran Sunday and I will run again tomorrow (on real roads or a path, but not on a treadmill!!). I think with my current physical fitness level and with my ankle already being a little ornery I am going to repeat C25K week 2. It will also allow me to get back on track with my schedule. I know things aren’t set in stone, but with the rest of my life (especially work and all the travel I do) I need it relatively set for now. It also keeps me accountable and moving forward…I know myself too well. A few days rest here, a few extra there, and next thing I know I am back to being a sedentary couch potato. I refuse to let that happen!


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