I am finally home!

Stats: I will post monthly measurements and weight this coming Sunday.

Nutrition: Thankfully my sister and mother both eat fabulous foods and made eating well on my trip easy! I am sure I ate too much, but overall it was relatively good for me (and tasty…mmmmm fish tacos!)

Running: I did get some in! In fact, I did a week-two day with my mom on the trail that runs by her house and made better time than I ever have. However, the extra speed and the added nature (read: hills) made for some very, very sore legs. I also did that run before I had my new shoes. My sister took me to South Sound Running to get properly fitted for shoes while I was out there. I left with a pair of Saucony ProGrid Omni 9’s. I love them! I ran another day of week two on my sister’s treadmill.

Unfortunately, while I was home I caught a nasty cold that has settled in my chest. The run on the treadmill at my sister’s was tough, but at that point the cold was still up in my head. Earlier today I tried a fast walk on the treadmill here to keep moving, but discovered that any major movement caused nasty coughing and hacking and I couldn’t breathe. I have decided to try again Friday. Hopefully most of this will finally be gone and that will get me back on schedule.

My plan is to once again do C25K week two since I wasn’t consistent with my running while I was gone and am not up to snuff with my health. I don’t really consider it a set-back, but more of a learning experience.

I have a lot of travel coming up in the next few weeks but will be staying at hotels that hopefully aren’t booked full so I will be able to get some treadmill time in. I am saving road running for further down the line when I am in better overall shape…it is simply too much for me now.

My frustration comes from the cold and missing days while I was on vacation, but really, as I type this out, things aren’t so bad. I am still easily on track for March which is really my only major concern.

Oh! I also got to use my Garmin on the trail run…I had programmed it with the week two workout which is very cool. The watch beeps at me if I am going too fast or too slow for the program. That will be great when I am finally out road-running and working on pace.

Vacation was great. It is great being home. It will be great to get back on track with my training!


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  1. really it’s no big deal. I;ve been running the same long run for 2 weeks now, and plan to do it again on monday. On the 25th I will increase to horrible 9.
    Get some of those tasty Halls Defense vitamin C drops and lots of fluids and you will soon be back where you want to be!!!

    • Yeah – I’ve been drinking EmergenC packets and tons of grapefruit juice. Thanks so much for the support – it keeps me going when stuff like this pops up.

  2. I think you’re dealing with your setback well. It’s frustrating but you couldn’t really do much about getting sick. And you’re moving forward with your plan. You’ll get there. 🙂

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