Stats: Weight


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Weight: 211

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Work travel, vacation, and then getting sick do not make for good weight-loss health improvement environments.

Too much bad food. Not enough time running. I have no excuses. I’m just thankful I didn’t gain back more weight.

I never did get around to taking measurements this weekend. Next weekend for sure. Life’s been crazy and while I’ve really been enjoying my running progress it isn’t my top priority so sometimes things will get put off. That doesn’t mean I’m not still working to stay on track for March, it just means I’m not going to be a slave to a running schedule.


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  1. You’re still down overall!! And it’s good that you’re not being a slave to running. I’d think that would contribute to a lack in motivation to continue.

    • Yeah. I like to have a schedule out of necessity with work and all, but I am ok I’if it has to get juggled around sometimes. I’ll be glad when this crud moves on though. And yes, I am glad the number is still down from where I started.

  2. Agree with Amanda. TOo much emphasis placed on something never makes it good! and your weight is down still! being sick is one of the most awful things when trying to get going with any kind of exercise. last year right around this time I got the flu and then what they thought was the swine flu and then something else. it was awful.

    I think you are doing great!!!

    • Thanks, Holly. I feel like a wuss, but then I started hacking away while just sitting in my work class today, so now I don’t feel so bad about the lack of running ability. I can’t even sit! *laugh*

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