C25K – Week 3


Hey y’all! I’m back with a real update – I had planned to write a more extensive post last week, but lack of internet connectivity while I was traveling limited me to posting from my iPhone.

I haven’t been eating very well lately. I’ve also been sick which started back while I was on vacation. First a nasty cold that settled in my chest making it impossible to breathe and then some sort of flu thing that had me bed-ridden for about two days straight. And in between all of that I was simply exhausted.

Today I jumped back into things at week 3 (90 sec jog/90 sec recover, 3 min jog/3 min recover x 2). One of my online running buddies who will be joining us in Florida in March had stated she thought she should have started the program at week three (several weeks ago when she was at that point)…I have to say I agree with her. I am not entirely sure that the first two weeks did much to prep me for week three since I spend almost two weeks with no running. But I found that though I had to push myself through the final minute of the last jog, I felt really good. Much better than while walking all those recoveries in week two.

I did force myself to power through the beginnings of some cramping in my shins today, but then things suddenly loosened up and my legs felt alright the rest of the run. I also didn’t tie my shoes as tight this time and didn’t have any of the weird top-of-foot pain or numb toes that I’ve had. I also have learned that I cannot wear the socks that stop right at the ankle under the ankle bone…they put pressure on my tendons and aggravate my old injury (so, Amy, I am mailing those socks to you!).

I love my new shoes! They really seem to help with the knee and ankle soreness that I had had when I started all this. Now, I am just feeling leg muscles. The ones I should be feeling while jogging (especially considering how long it has been since they’ve been strenuously used). Also, my new sports bras are all working well and are comfortable to run in.

All in all, things are looking back up. For a while there I was wondering if the universe was conspiring against me to keep me a couch potato for the rest of my life! Thankfully, it seems I am more resilient than the universe (this time around, anyway) and get to continue with my journey.


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  1. I’m glad you are back too. I ate a variety of bad things for me recently as well, even potato chips and one trip to MacDonalds! No worries. I hope you do continue to feel well and progress!!!

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