Stats: Bah – need new instruments


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight:  212.5

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I have no idea how accurate that number is – my scale promptly died after I weighed myself this morning. However, since it seems pretty much in line with where I started and the trends that have taken place, I figure it is pretty close. I tried new batteries to no avail so later today I will look into getting a new scale. And I have no idea where my tape measure got off to, so I need to pick up a new one of those as well.

I am not surprised that the pounds are creeping back up. I am viewing this week as starting point number two after being sick and all (“all” being all the junky food I’ve eaten as of late). Thankfully, I am still below my original starting point, so that is something.


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  1. the ebb and flow of the scale is a mystery to me. Let me know what kind of scale you get as I may be in the market soon as well….and being below your starting point is nice. No worries, you are progressing!

    • I bought a Taylor scale (on sale at Target). The “Glass Bodyfat Scale” – it stores weight and other readings for comparison. I am not too concerned with the other readings (muscle mass, bone density, body fat) as I have no idea how accurate those can be, but thought they would still be fun to play around with and see how they change as I continue running. They have a pretty decent reputation for making scales, so we’ll see how it does.

      Mostly I love that it is slightly larger than my old scale so I no longer feel like I am having to balance on it when I measure myself!

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