Negative Nutrition Notions


Sorry, I find myself alliterating a lot lately. Not sure what that is about. I even changed the title of this post to an alliteration…the original title (which makes more sense with the first sentence below) was “Nutrition should be a four-letter word…” Be warned: You’ll find more alliteration peppered periodically in this post.

At least it gets me saying several four-letter-type-words when I start looking at how poorly I do with my nutrition. Especially when I am traveling. My schedule is tight when I travel and often I don’t have many options available for lunch. Add to that, I usually miss breakfast at least one day a week due to running out the door to catch a flight or just get to where I am due. Dinner is the only meal I am consistent about eating, but I am usually so overly hungry that it ends up being unhealthy food and I eat way too much.

Let’s not even get started about cravings…this week have been a few odd ones. Monday night I just wanted “good” food. Tasty, yummy, good. We ended up at Copper, a modernized Indian restaurant that is fabulous.  We’d been there before, but I don’t remember it being this fabulous. Thankfully, most of the food is relatively good for you. I went with standard tikka masala, saag paneer, rice, naan, and cucumber/tomato salad.

Then we get to Tuesday night. I wanted a burger. A giant, juicy, too-many-toppings burger. We went to Five Guys. I am just going to say it now, the Five Guys burger was at the top of a “top ten” list I saw recently of the absolutely worst take-out foods for you. Heh. A heart-attack wrapped in foil. It was sooooo good. And the next day I completely regretted giving into my craving (emotionally, physically I was fine).

Last night I craved sushi. Thankfully, it wasn’t another burger night! Heh. I met Neil at Red Bowl which is near the house and I ate a bunch of sushi rolls of various varieties. Yes there are a lot of carbs with the rice, but at least the protein is fish, which is good. And they were all wrapped in seaweed which is also good.

Neil and I both love to cook, so why do we eat out almost all the time? Because the biggest struggle I have is keeping food in the house. Or rather, good, perishable food. With all my travel and being gone, I can’t tell you how many full tubs of lettuce and other veggies I’ve had to toss out in the backyard because they went bad before I could eat them. (I don’t officially compost, but I do throw bad veggies down the hill into the wild.) I do not have a good grocery store convenient to the house so I have to plan my trips and they do not happen every day. I keep dry goods (pasta, bread, rice, cereal, etc.) and anything that freezes well (meat, cheese, butter, breads, etc.) but fresh foods like veggies and fruits are tough. I may resort to frozen veggies as well since I need to find some way of having them around without wasting my wages, but I prefer fresh veggies so much. *sigh*

OK now I am just whining. I guess I’ve rambled on enough about this matter without really saying anything other than this is still something I desperately need to work on. This week was a shining example of that.


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  1. Overall I’m with you on this. My biggest problem is portion control, which I’m getting better at. Thankfully I’m usually able to cook at home and we don’t eat out too often.

    I’m sure it’s really hard to have anything consistent going on when you’re traveling so much. It’s hard to eat a healthy diet.

    It’s too bad you’re not able to consistently get fresh fruit and veggies. That has helped me with snacking. I’d rather have an apple now over chips.

    I can’t really offer any advice but I can sympathize with food choices.

    • Yeah, I need to get myself motivated to cook again. I love to cook and should do it more. And I’m with you…I LOVE veggies and fruit! Thankfully (as long as I can keep Neil from bringing them into my house) I don’t keep chips or other snack-type stuff around. If it is here, I will eat it! LOL

  2. I think the traveling is a real challenge. I am struggling with food myself It seems over September I have not lost or gianed any weight, but I do really really need to lose something. So I’ve been instead eating things that are much worse…potato chips!!! I think seeing the latest couple of race photos of myself has strengthened my resolve ot eat normally, but we shall see….

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