Stats: I like it when the numbers go down…


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 211

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Considering the junk I am still eating (though, I am making a concerted effort to improve) I am glad to see the weight is still slowly dropping. This week will be an exceptional challenge as it is our annual team meeting and every meal/free moment has been pre-planned for us. I am not sure how much of a choice I am going to have when it comes to food options. We’ll see.

I forgot to grab a new tape measure when I was out and about earlier this week so still no measurements. However, based on the way my clothes are still fitting (or rather aren’t fitting) I’d hazard a guess to say not much has changed there yet. Soon, though. Soon. I can feel it coming!


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    • Thanks, Amanda! Even worse than just eating out is that I think all our meal choices have been pre-planned for us due to the size of our group, so there will be even fewer choices than normal.

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