The (tenative) Plan.


I think I’ve finally come up with a do-able game plan that doesn’t freak me out (too much). First off is to complete the C25K program on the treadmill upstairs. That will finish up around Thanksgiving. After that, I will spend the next three weeks repeating weeks seven through nine outside…on the road! Eek! There are like hills ‘n stuff out there.

The repeat of those last three weeks will put me right at Christmas. Since I’ve no idea what our plans are for this year, my next goal is to work on actually running 3.1 miles (5K). One week for that will put me at New Year’s Day. At which point I will attempt to run in a 5K race (maybe). Again, I’ve no idea what our plans our so the actual 5K race might come sometime later in January.

After a week of running 3.1 miles, I start working on endurance and time. I am guessing since I don’t know how long the 5K will take me to run, but my plan is to add a couple of minutes each week until I am running 45 minutes non-stop. As an estimate, I marked on my calendar a week at 40 minutes, a week at 43 minutes, and then a week at 45 minutes. From there I should have about five weeks before the race to really work on “long” runs. I hope to run 45-60 minutes and then walk…unless we decide that shorter runs (maybe 30-35 minutes?) are better with a short walk in between (we being my running partners and me).

(Can you tell I’m a planner? I need to see it all mapped out.)

While this isn’t an ideal schedule, it should work. Once I am out running on the road I will also start to incorporate some strength training during my off days. That along with watching what I eat should really move things along in the fitness department.

Today’s run was tough, but aside from a hint of tightness in a few places, I feel really good. Part of me wonders if I am not pushing myself hard enough because I don’t hurt, but I hurt enough during the runs now that I think things are about right.


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  1. Arrrugh. I kept trying to comment, but it failed multiple times.

    You know, there is a 5k the same day as part of the festivities in Florida, so feel free to register for that, it is still an accomplishment! I may myself be limping about, as I realize its exactly 5 weeks after my proposed Marathon. Eeek!

    • I have that problem a lot when I use the mobile website from my phone. How irritating!

      After a marathon, the run in Florida should seem like a short piecce of cake. 😉 I am going to register for the 1/2 (I want that bag, darn it!) and worst case I can see if there is room in the 5K if I really think I can’t do it. Though, I am positive that I could walk the 1/2…so, if I mix that with some running I should be fine.

  2. I like your plan. And like you I need to see things figured out. You know where you should be and how you need to adjust if something comes up. 🙂

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