“Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’….


keep those doggies runnin’….rawhide!”

OK, so that isn’t quite how the lyrics go, but that’s what has been running through my head lately. (Get it? Running through my…oh nevermind. I’m such a dork sometimes.)

  • Monday was tough…I came back from a week without running and eating garbage for food and my legs told me all about it. Even with their talking, though, I finished the workout. 
  • Wednesday was awesome! Seriously, I think I could have taken on the 1/2 marathon on Wednesday, it was that good. It was my best pace yet.
  • Today was also awesome! Though the legs were a little more whiny about being pushed again. Aside from that, I felt great. And I maintained the great pace that I set on Wednesday. My breathing is getting noticeably better, too.

I’ve eaten better this week…not that it is a surprise to anyone, but isn’t it amazing how all that works together? Better nutrition equals better running. In fact, having a set schedule again has also kept me taking my vitamins regularly (which I need…I am very vitamin B anemic). As a result, I am feeling a billion times better overall. In addition to B6, I take salmon oil capsules, one of which also has some vitamin D in it. I drink milk every day and I am drinking more water in a day than I think I ever have.(This is the part where I don’t mention the pizza and beer we had last night.)

The other amazing thing? My skin is looking better than ever. (Yeah, I’m still a girly-girl, even if I don’t show it often.) But really! Fewer break-outs; it isn’t as dry and flaky as it was; it doesn’t feel like it is going to crack wide open every time I smile.

Right now my only guilt with the running is that I am not quite ready to take it outside and thus Moo is not getting any benefit from it. Youshould hear the pitiful, bored sighs she makes while she is laying on the floor next to the treadmill while I run. And don’t get me started on the sad, sad puppy-dog eyes she gives me while she is making the sighs. (My dog spoiled? No!) I am looking forward to Thanksgiving when I will (hopefully) be ready to start taking things to the streets and she can come along with me. My hope is that it will help build our bond and improve the consistency of her listening to me (and actually doing what I’ve asked). Heh. A girl can dream, right?


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  1. Yay for a great week! LOL at Moo. Haven does that when Andrew’s getting ready to go out for a run or hike. Most of the time he takes her but when he doesn’t she’s sad. She’s definitely the running dog out of the two.

    • Such poor, neglected puppies, aren’t they? lol Sadie would also love the running, but with both knees bad and at her age, I have to keep her at a walk these days. Though, we might go for some short jogs and see how it goes.

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