Lessons Learned Thus Far…

  • Don’t tie the shoes too tight – I used to always have strange issues with toes going numb as I got into the run, or with soreness across the top of my foot at the arch. Shoes that felt comfortably snug when I started running ended up being too tight…feet get hot and swell. Duh! It has taken some time to figure out how loose was loose enough or too loose, but I think I’ve got it down now. No blisters. No sore feet. No numb toes.
  • Hydrate! Eat well! – Every run I’ve had that has been a difficult one is one that took place after a night of not eating well and/or a day when I didn’t drink much water. Not enough water = light-headed, dizzy, headachey Anne. Not enough food (or good enough food) = tired, dead legs and no energy overall.
  • Take my allergy meds – my breathing is always better when I remember to take my allergy medicine each night. It is amazing how much easier it is to breathe when I am not full of phlegm and snot (sorry for the grossness there). Another “duh” moment…but really, I’ve gotten better about taking it regularly.

Today’s run was fabulous! Aside from being dehydrated which got me a little light-headed and headachey at the end of my run, things went well. OK, if I am honest, I also had a little trouble breathing right at the end, but I think it is still this cold-thing that is trying to grab hold.

I tweaked the program a bit today to include more running and shorter recovery walks. My shins really hate the recovery walks. The program called for two reps of an eight-minute run and a five-minute recovery walk. Instead I did an eight minute jog, a four-minute recovery walk, and then a nine-minute jog. The warm-up was five minutes and the cool-down was four minutes. It made for a total of 17 minutes of jogging and 13 minutes of walking. WOOHOO!

Sunday will really be the challenge this week – it is a five-minute warm-up and then a 20 minute jog. I am a little nervous, but will make sure to drink lots of water tomorrow and eat good food and hopefully that will be enough!


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