Stats: Weekly weigh-in


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 210

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Argh. Getting so frustrated with that number staying stagnant. All week I’ve bounced around from 209 to 213…yes, I cheat sometimes and peek.

Today’s run was difficult, which means it was good. A five-minute warm-up walk and then a 20 minute jog. And I did it!!! I thought I might die at the end, but I made it. I think I am just not getting enough water…and my lungs aren’t quite up to speed yet. I only made it for a minute of the cool-down because my legs were too rubbery to keep negotiating the treadmill. I walked up and down the stairs a few times after and chugged water. Lots and lots of water.

(Warning…girlie stuff to follow:) I am proud to say that I also managed the 20 minute run with PMS sore boobies. They were killing – even with the new sports bras. They say exercise is good for helping with PMS. I sure hope so, but I’m definitely not there yet. I am also hoping that it being “that time of month” has something to do with the lack of weight-loss. I guess we’ll see.

My right ankle is very, very angry about the long run. I’ve iced it this afternoon and will be sure to stretch lots over my two-day rest break. It doesn’t feel injured, just a bit over-used.


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    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Now that my legs seem to be in better shape I am less worried about hurting myself using those “off” days. Moo would like it too. 😉 I also need to start in corporating some strength stuff into my weeks…ewwww.

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