I made it through my 20 minute run yesterday, but man do I feel it today! My lower legs were pretty sore through the run, so I am not really all that surprised…and my right ankle was very, very angry afterward. Ice and Advil seem to have helped that, though, as it doesn’t hurt at all today. My leg muscles are another story. Especially my calves and even my upper legs. YAY! That means I was working the right places.

Later (if it ever stops raining) I am going to take the Moo-dog for a walk through the neighborhood to try to loosen things up without over-using those muscles. Moo will like getting out, too.

Breathing – I plunked down some coin and changed up the cat litter (again). I noticed that I was having trouble breathing when I was upstairs (even when not running). The other day when it was sunny, I noticed that everything up there is covered with a layer of litter dust. I recently switched varieties because I could get a giant bag of this stuff at Costco, however, between the dust and the perfumes in the new litter, my allergies were going haywire. After doing some reading online, I decided to give World’s Best Cat Litter and Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter a try. The combo is reported to make for excellent clumping and odor control. Both are corn-based and the Nature’s Miracle also uses enzymes to breakdown the odor. (I use their stain/odor remover fluid by the gallons around the house – naughty kitties and poor doggies with bladder issues.) So far it seems to work well and there was no noticeable dust when I filled the pans. We’ll see.

I was also excited to discover that I can easily run a 3.1 mile course within my neighborhood (rather the course fits easily into the neighborhood…we’ll see how easy it is to actually run it). As I am near the end of the C25K program I’ve thought more and more about where to run outdoors…the problem around here is that the main roads are small, two-lane state highways that are used by semi-trucks on a regular basis (along with regular traffic) and they don’t have sidewalks or good shoulders in most places. My neighborhood has pretty low traffic and sidewalks to use when necessary. There are also hills. Some serious hills. While that sort of intimidates me, it also makes me appreciate that they are available so close to home for training.

Once I finally get into longer runs, I think I can head over into Neil’s neighborhood. It is a bit flatter overall and much larger which should make for some good long loops in there…I hope. We’ll see. I guess worst case I can run my neighborhood like a track course looping through several times (how boring is that?!?!). At least I have options.

After tackling that 20 minute run, I have no qualms about week six. Day 1 – 5 run/3 walk/8 run/3 walk/5 run; Day 2 – 10 run/3 walk/10 run; Day 3 – 25 min run. After that it is simply a week of 25 min runs, 28 min runs and 30 min runs the last week. Then, it is time to take things outside.

I also need to start incorporating strength exercises to my non-run days…blech.

QUESTION: Should I wear my running shoes for the brisk walks with the dog on my non-running days, or should I invest in a separate pair of shoes for that? Does anyone have a personal preference around this type of situation?


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  1. Andrew doesn’t have special shoes for running vs. walking necessarily. But he does use older shoes with more miles on them when he’s not running or just out and about wearing sneakers. So you could just wear what you’ve been wearing and when it’s time to get another pair of shoes demote the ones you’re using now to more walking and everyday shoes.

    And it’s AWESOME that a 5k is now “easy” for you. 😀

    • Well, not quite “easy” just yet…but I’m getting there! Yeah – I ended up trashing my old shoes because they were literally falling apart, but based on general consensus, I think I will get a pair of ‘walking’ shoes when the budget allows. (All my other sneakers are cute shoes that are horrible for real walking!)

    • Yeah – I think when the budget allows I will get a pair of ‘walking’ shoes. Unfortunately, my old shoes were literally falling apart so I tossed them and all my other sneakers right now are just for looking cute in. 🙂 Until then I will have to wear my running shoes, but they are new enough that a few weeks of walking won’t kill ’em.

    • That is what I was thinking too…I just wanted to see if I was being overly paranoid about that! Looks like I will be finding some walking shoes sometime soon.

  2. Love your blog! I just discovered it today and it’s nice to read about someone who is in the same training pattern as me. I’m a little behind you since I’m just finishing up Week 5 of C25k and training for a half-marathon in April We can do this!

    As for shoes, I’m only using my running shoes for exercising, whether that be treadmill runs, aerobic videos, or races. Once they break down and I have to get a new pair, I’ll use my old ones for everyday walking. That seems to be the most economical option I suppose.

    • Thanks, Miranda! I am glad you found it…it is nice to have the support of others on the same track! I just did week 6 day one today and man, the 20 minute run from last week had my legs talking to me today. But it is doable even with the soreness!

      I think I am with you on the shoes…my budget is pretty tight right now so I am going to have to use these shoes for walks and runs. Once they wear out and I get some new ones for running then these will become my walking shoes. 🙂

      Nice to see a new face here…hope to see you around some more. Good luck with the rest of week 5 if you haven’t finished it yet!

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