I am queen of the world!


Or my world, rather. I rocked my run today! 25-minutes non-stop at 4.3mph. WOOHOO! I even had enough left in me to do the last minute at 4.5mph. I know it is still slow by some standards, but for me, no way. I not only took on Wk6, Day 3, I annihilated it. There is absolutely no reason for me to repeat this week. I do have a three-day break due to work travel, but Thursday night I will start Wk7. Week seven is a week of 25-minute runs. Depending on how they go, I might even try speeding up a little on them. We’ll see.

Starting tomorrow, as I stated in my previous post, I am going to add some strength work-outs on my non-running days. I need to do something to kick-start the pounds into coming off. And it is something I can easily do in a hotel room or anywhere else. If it happens that I am home on an off-day, I will also start throwing in some good dog walks.

I feel good!


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