Stats: And the number please…


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 210


  • Bust – 45″ (-1″)
  • Waist – 42″ (-1″)
  • Hips – 47″ (-.5″)
  • Thigh – 26″ (even)
  • Tricep – 15″ (even)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Well…no real surprise on the weight, though I admit, I hoped for some change this week. I really need to work on getting more consistent with my food intake so my metabolism can settle into a routine. I know that has a lot to do with things. And I must say, though again no real surprise, I am somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t more change in some of the measurements after two months of increased activity in my life.


It looks like most of the size is coming off my torso, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Though, I am a bit stunned that nothing has come off my legs. Unfortunately, none of it in places that make a difference in how my pants fit.

Since tomorrow is the 1st of the month, I am going to make it “day one” of added activities on my non-running days. I found a great article in a magazine recently (I need to find it!) that had a 15 minute hotel room work-out in it. It was stuff like lunges and push-ups and crunches. It would be perfect for me when I am on the road since I don’t (or rather try not to) run when I am traveling. I hate people watching me when I work-out. It is something of a phobia. I’m working on it.

I am also going to start tomorrow as “day one” of monitoring my food intake. I have a notepad that I can use to jot down what I eat. It should be interesting since I travel again tomorrow and will be on the road through Thursday night. I am not worried so much with calories, but what I am eating in general and how much (or how little).

Today I think I am going to head to Target and see about picking up a yoga/workout mat and some small hand weights. Most of my travel these days is by car so I can easily bring them with me as well as use them at home.

(Unrelated to anything – I have noticed that when I am proofreading my entries I find I use the word “just” in crazy volumes. In places I don’t need it…just to have a word there I guess. See? I just used just again…just. Note: I edit it out when I catch it so hopefully you,  dear reader, aren’t being plagued by my terrible writing skills.)


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