Cheaty weigh-in…


I cheated this morning and weighed myself…208. Even with my other cheaty weigh-ins in past weeks I’ve never “bounced” this low! I am ecstatic! Maybe the weight is finally starting to come off. I will be seriously upset if for some reason this number bounces all the way back up to 210 on Sunday.


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  1. Ugh. I’m jealous! I was down to 210 yesterday, back up to 211 today. And I ate really well yesterday too. So that means I didn’t lose anything this week. I guess at least I didn’t gain anything which is good since my diet was crap while I was sick. Blah.

    • Yeah – the not gaining part is probably my biggest goal. I am just getting frustrated because I’ve floated around 210 for over a month now with no change. I am hoping this week is the start of some actual loss coming. The thing I really have to watch is my salt intake…which leads to a lot of water wight retention. (I _love_ salt!)

      Being sick is the hardest – I hope you are feeling better!

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