Stats: Official weigh-in for the week…


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 209

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

WOOHOO! Finally. A number smaller than 210. I’ve cheated this week (as proven by a previous entry) and have gotten on the scale almost daily – either Friday or yesterday I was down to 207, which even with all my bouncing around, I’ve never been down to. So, my assumption is that this isn’t a fluke and I am really starting to lose some poundage.

This makes for good motivation to keep on keepin’ on, as it were. Aside from a couple slips this week (one with no thanks to Neil – he brought home tres leches from a fabulous Cuban restaurant in town), I’ve been doing really well with my food. Tonight will be homemade steak soft tacos (leftover steak cut into strips, avocado, and fat-free sour cream mixed with chopped cilantro, garlic, and lime juice). Tomorrow will probably be something similar with the leftover condiments only with fish (mmmmm, spicy cod!).

Unfortunately, no running will happen today – I tripped earlier today and twisted my right knee. It isn’t too bad and I think with rest and ice today, tomorrow I’ll good to go. The good news is that Moo was relatively well-behaved during her group hike today. Just one incident right off the bat with another dog there and then some crazed barking at a horse that came up the path (there is an equestrian center that uses the trails we were hiking on – we won’t talk about her fascination with eating horse poop on the trails). She has never seen a horse before and was beside herself (as were a couple of the other dogs). It was after her meet-up during our quick stop at the grocery that I tripped in the parking lot – at least this time I didn’t break my wrist.


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  1. Congrats! You’re making progress and it’s showing!

    Take care of that knee – I have tendinitis and it sucks hard. Don’t go back to running too quickly or you’ll end up making your injury worse.

    Keep it up, you’re doing great!

    • Thanks! And yeah, I’ve got severe tendinitis in my right ankle. Definitely something I keep an eye on with each run. I’m pretty sure my knee is muscle strain and not the tendons, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it too!

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