A 12-minute mile! (almost)


Close enough for me! Today I wanted to see what my actual running pace was, so I did my warm-up on the treadmill, but reset everything before I started my run and then did my cool-down by walking up and down the stairs a few times and then moving around the house. I also upped my mph by another tenth of a mile so I was running at 4.5mph the entire 25 minutes – that resulted in a 12:11 pace!

I think I have found my max speed for the time being. I can maintain this speed through the 25 minutes and as things progress I can see it being possible to maintain through the runs as minutes build over the next week and a half or so. It also seems to be a reasonable pace to start working on longer distances once I finish the C25K program and hit the roads.

I think the best game-plan after the C25K is over is to start working on distances…first a full 5k (3.1 miles) and then go from there. My plan is to look at a somewhat modified 1/2 marathon training program to get a feel for what distances I should work toward each week between the end of November and the race.

I finally feel good about pushing myself. I am much less worried about getting hurt than I was six weeks ago. My leg muscles are definitely stronger and I feel much less “wobbly” when I run. I think it is good I took it easy to start and only ran on the “scheduled” days, but now it is definitely time to start adding some more work-outs on my off-days…strength and upper body work-outs in particular. I also want to work on some leg exercises to help strengthen around my ankles and knees, but I think I am going to add those to my running days so my legs still get some rest days as well.

I can’t believe we are already into the second week of November – this race will be here before I know it. It is freaking me out a bit, but mostly I look forward to it and am excited to meet my online training buddies!


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    • Thanks, Amanda! I finally feel like I am getting somewhere (hahaha – even on a treadmill going nowhere). It feels good to be active again – it makes it much easier to commit to things like Moo’s weekly hike meet-ups and such.

  1. That is really really great! You are getting somewhere. And your dress pants are soon to be too big.

    Hal Higdon is a running guru who is now ancient, he has some nice half marathon plans. I used one for my last half. I would have used it again for the thing I have in December, but I’m deep into my full marathon misery. (really, not been so fun lately.)

    I hope you sign up for a “turkey Trot” it makes the pigging out at Thanksgiving so much more fun…

    • Thanks, Holly! I will take a look at what he’s got online!

      Definitely doing some sort of Turkey Day run – the actual turkey Trot out here is either 8K or 1mile…so I am going to hunt around for an actual 5k. I think there is a fairly casual Jingle Bell run on the 20h that I might do.

      I’m sorry your training hasn’t been so fun lately. I hope it gets better soon…I’m here to listen if you need to vent about it.

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