Monday I ran for 25 minutes at 4.5mph and registered right at 2 miles on my treadmill. Today it only registered 1.86 miles (same speed, same time). That’s frustrating and annoying. And being the math nerd that I am, neither one of those distances is correct…if I was running at 4.5 mph for 25 minutes it should have registered 1.88 (1.875 to be exact) miles.

So I guess getting excited about that ‘almost’ 12 minute pace was pre-mature. *sigh*

I suppose the important thing here is that I ran for 25 minutes straight at somewhere around 4.5mph.

Something else that is sort of bothering me…I debated running outside today and then chickened out. There is no other way to put it, I chickened. It is lovely and sunny but cool with a nice breeze here today. There is no reason to not be outside other than the thought of running out there freaked me out. And I know it has to do with the hills. I live at the bottom of a fairly significant hill and going either direction in my neighborhood at the top of my road poses more significant hills. Logically I know running the hills is a good thing for my training and will put me in even better shape, faster, but I just couldn’t picture myself doing it. And thus I went upstairs to my safe-place where the treadmill is kept and ran there…with 0 incline. Nice and flat.

The run today was a strange one for me, anyway. The first five minutes were tough because my legs were really tight and very sore (even after a 5-minute warm-up). Finally, they loosened up and the next 15 minutes or so were alright. Then the last five minutes got hard again. Breathing got tough (though nowhere near as labored as on Monday) and my legs got incredibly tired. I did not slow down the mph though, and powered through it all. And if I am completely honest about it, I know I will have no problem powering through an additional three minutes on Friday when I start week eight. I will have to push myself, but that is what this is all about.




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  1. You might want to start your outdoor running adventure with a run walk combo. Hills are not very fun. But they do seem to be giving me some results lately, but I will admit, I am not having fun doing them, the down part is sort of fun, as long as it isn’t too steep….
    You are doing very well, and I can hear a lot of energy in your writing!
    Take a few walks out there, get to know the landmarks of the hills and they will seem a little less freaky. I also try to run at the less populated times, I never enjoy waving at the neighbours when my face is all red.

    • Yeah! I think late mornings when most everyone is at work or school. 🙂 I get so blotchy and red aomeone might call an ambulance if they saw me running right now.

    • It is only a couple years old (and very rarely used until recently). I think the problem is the electrical storm that fried the circuit breaker for that room a while back. It didn’t fry anything else, but I’ve wondered if the treadmill didn’t get slightly singed.

      I figure it still works though and even if it isn’t totally accurate, I can tell I’m getting a decent workout. 🙂

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