Monday I ran a sort of sprint (for me it was, anyway). I ran a mile increasing speed as I went to see what I could do. Then after regaining the ability to breathe, I ran .25 mile intervals of 5mph running and 3pmh walking for a total of 1.5 miles.

Then I had to travel for work. Ick. That’s another story, but let me repeat…ick.

Today I had every intention of running at least 2 miles. I was actually hoping for 2.5. I made it one and then walked until I hit 15 minutes. My legs were screaming. My head wasn’t in it. I am fighting off a lingering cold (and yes, I am sure that is what is going on with my chest and breathing now). I just felt incredibly blah.

I am glad I went the mile, though. My legs feel better – I know using them was good for loosening up the tight muscles. So, all I can do is record the mile plus for today and try again tomorrow.


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  1. Boo. I know all about crappy work outs! That’s all I’ve had for the past two weeks.

    Kudos to you for getting on the treadmill and making the attempt though.

    I hope your cold finally goes away soon. Fighting with your body is no fun.

    Did you sign up for a 5k yet? *hint hint*

    • Oh poo. You remembered that, did you? LOL My lazy (actually crazy busy) butt hasn’t signed up for one yet. I will do that tonight! I promise…ummm, I’d cross my heart, but that’s hard to do online.

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