Shoes, shins, soreness – ramblings


I’ve allotted myself yesterday and today to ‘recover’ before trying to run again. To be honest, I am not even sure what that means. I’ve rested lots. Eating better (if maybe a bit too much yesterday). Stretching several times a day. Icing any areas that seem sore, though that’s been a tough one since nothing really hurts lately except when I’m running. I’ve iced my shins, regardless.

My big plan for this weekend was to go get re-fitted for a second pair of shoes to see if that helped things (I need a second pair anyway). However, life has gotten in the way of that plan for a few more weeks (critter health comes first around here). So, instead, I will be going for my first run in the real world. Outside on the roads. Assuming it isn’t still raining tomorrow. I think it will be easier for me to concentrate on working on my form without also having to balance on a treadmill. I haven’t had any problems with my shoes before now, which makes me think they aren’t the problem. I think the way I’ve been running is the issue. I’ve tried slowing down a bit to go longer distances, but in the process I think I’ve also shortened my stride which has me running more flat-footed or even on my toes rather than from my heels. Darn these long legs, anyway.

I should also probably put the treadmill at a slight incline when I am on it…I imagine the super flatness of it is just adding to the problem now.

Mostly I have no idea what is going on and suspect it is just random growing pains as part of this whole running thing. All this is just me thinking out loud and trying to get a grasp on all the thoughts tumbling around in my head. I am frustrated at the hitch this has put in my schedule, but I know I’ll get past it and will keep moving forward. I just hope it is soon. There isn’t that much time left before March.


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