Plan B


Two days of rest didn’t seem to make any difference. About five minutes into the run both shins were screaming again. I pushed the run to ten minutes and then did a three-minute walk. I was trying for another ten minute run but only made it about four minutes. My legs hurt enough I was worried that I would trip and really hurt myself if I kept going.

Tomorrow morning I am going to run in the neighborhood and see how that goes. I think it will be easier to push through, I won’t have to worry about falling and flinging myself into the wall off the back of the treadmill. Small favors, right? Hey, and I get to use my Garmin!

My ankle is a little sore today – I think that’s from compensating for the screaming shins. An epsom salt bath felt good and now it’s time for some ice.

To top things off, I have managed to slice open the top of my middle toe. Thankfully, even though the gash looks nasty it doesn’t hurt too much. Stupid guitar case latch.


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