Stats & Mizuno vs Saucony


STATS (Yesterday was Stats Day – I forgot to do them.)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight:  208


  • Bust:    45″ (even)
  • Waist:  43.5″ (+1.5″   Ugh.)
  • Hips:    47″ (even)
  • Thigh:  25.5″ (-.5″)
  • Tricep: 15″ (even)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Well the leg size is dropping a bit which is exactly as expected as my legs get stronger and fitter with all the running. The waist got bigger – I blame the holiday. Too much food and wine and beer. Especially the beer. Which is really too bad since I looooooove me some beer. I am not too surprised that the torso sizes aren’t dropping. Well, OK, a little surprised what with the running and all, but I have not been doing any core-specific or arm exercises.

Beginning December 1, I am starting an actual diet to go with my running. Nothing dramatic, just keeping a very close eye on what I eat. Lately I’ve been eating whatever is convenient and close-by, which has translated into a lot of fatty, high-calorie food with not a ton of nutritional value. I am also going to begin some planned core training…just basic stuff: crunches, push-ups, and some arm exercises. Something to help jump-start some more fat loss.


Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend took me to Try Sports in Charlotte to get re-fitted for shoes. Thank you to my friend Kathy for the recommendation – the young man who helped us (well, me) was very nice, knowledgeable about the shoes they carried and showed me other items they have to help with shin pain, but started me off with some exercises and “home remedies” to try first. He said to help build and strengthen the muscles in my lower legs (including the shins) that I should do some warming-up by walking on my toes for a distance and then walking on my heels. Heh. We used to do that way back when I played soccer…no wonder I didn’t remember on my own. That was a long time ago! He also suggested freezing some water in Dixie cups to use as massage tools to rub down the sore shin muscles after running.

While trying on shoes, I discovered that the arch in Saucony shoes is too far back for my foot. Why didn’t I notice before? Because I really didn’t know what to pay attention to when I was first fitted for shoes. Also, I don’t need as much support for over pronation as I was originally told. I think some of that could be that I am getting in better shape and some of it was that I may not have been properly fitted the first time around. I ended up with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6. These shoes are a sort of mid-way point between the Saucony Omnis that I have and a neutral shoe (or so I’m told).

I did my first run in them today and love them! I had no shin pain at all, though I am definitely feeling some different muscles in my legs after wearing them. I made it 2.5 miles with a short three-minute walk break at the 20 minute mark. WOOHOO! A little ice on a newly used muscle after the run, but other than that, my legs feel good.

Going forward, my plan is to use these shoes for my running training and I will use the Sauconys for my dog hikes and such. This week I will work on getting back to being able to run the 2.5 miles non-stop and then it is time to move on to a full 5k. After that, I need to start seriously looking for a good half marathon program. I am quickly running out of time.


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  1. Yay for new shoes! Sounds like they’ll work out better for you. And it’ll be nice to have a good pair for serious running and another pair for hikes and more casual stuff.

    • Yeah – after starting all this with the running, I realized that I didn’t have a sturdy pair of shoes to wear outside that fit right. (With the exception of my nasty gardening shoes which I would never wear in public outside of my yard!) So this all worked out well.

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