Mizuno Love


Can a person be in love with an inanimate object? I think I might be.

I love my new shoes. No hot spots in them (even running in my old, cotton, comfy socks), no shin pain, no joint pain. They are da bomb!

Today I ran the entire 2.5 miles at 4.5mph and felt good aside from a few sore muscles (nothing so bad I felt I needed to slow down or stop!) I am definitely feeling other muscle areas, though, from what I am assuming is a slightly different stride in the new shoes. Particularly the muscles around my left ankle and my gluteus maximus. I am traveling for work this evening so I’ll have two days off from running. I do plan to start my core activities this week, so we’ll see how that goes. I am also going to do the exercises I was given years ago when I was recovering from tendonitis in my right ankle. It will help strengthen the muscles around those areas to help prevent it from flaring up again or happening in the other ankle.

I feel awesome!!!

P.S. I think the trick to the treadmill for me is also keeping the mph up…I have long legs and a long stride. If I go much slower than 4.5mph now my stride gets too short and funky and I start tripping myself up and running on my toes. I also find, especially toward the end of my runs, I want to run faster rather than slow down. I think my brain gets anxious to finish, because even 4.5mph starts getting a bit slow (I start moving too far up the treadmill toward the control panel area).


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  1. Boo. You are so fast! I hate you!

    I’m glad your new shoes are working out for you! I like my pair and they have definitely helped my shin splints. But I have two calluses on my arches from them now. I think I’ll look for something different once I need a new pair.

    • Aside from shin splints, I was having weird blistering in my arch from my old shoes. The arch was too far back in them for me. The new ones seem just right!

      And I’m not really very fast – I think my treadmill is out if whack, to be perfectly honest.

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