My first 5k…


I’m a big runner-girl now. I ran my first 5k distance today (on the treadmill, not a race). Unfortunately, I had to break it up into two runs because I was a ninny and didn’t check the time before starting my first run. I had to cut things short to get on a conference call for work. After the call I got back up on the ‘mill and ran another mile for a total of 3.26 miles! I did take a short walk-break at around the 20 minute mark during the first run. My left ankle was bothering me some and it really bothered me the second run, but it was only a mile so I plowed through it. Other than the walking, minimum speed was 4.6mph bumping both runs up to 5mph at the end.

With the exception of my left ankle, I felt great during the runs! Breathing was excellent, my legs felt good. They got a little tired, but that is good because it means I think I am going about the right distance for my level of fitness at this point. In fact, if not for the ankle, I probably could have gone a full four miles (especially if I hadn’t had to do the full stop in the middle…I think that aggravated things by cooling all the way down).

So, about the ankle. I am a little worried. In fact, I am more than just a little – this isn’t my previously injured ankle. This is the healthy one. Bah! The pain I am having is over the inside ankle bone, sort of toward the back of it, which is tendon or ligament area and not muscle (I forget which one is muscle to muscle and which is muscle to bone – my physiology classes were many moons ago). I am not sure if struggling with shin pain and running with a funny gait the past couple weeks aggravated it or if the new shoes have changed something in my stride putting some stress there that hadn’t been there before. Whatever the case, ice and Advil have been my friend after the past few runs. Thankfully, the ankle bothers me some while running, but the majority of the real pain is after the fact. Which sounds odd, but I would much rather feel good while running.

Ice definitely helps and I will be taking my rest days between runs to give it a chance to heal some. And I will keep a very close check on the amount of pain. If it continues to get worse instead of better I will go see a doc about it. I think, though, that it will be OK, especially as the muscles in my legs get stronger.

I am just so excited to feel so great during these runs that I don’t want anything else to hinder me anymore. I’ve got some serious catching up to do before March!



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      • Oh yes. Stretching before warm-up, after warm-up, after the run, first thing in the morning and last thing before info to bed. That us the one thing I’ve always done (even when I didn’t run).

  1. Great Job!!!! I saw this yesterday but, I was at work and so so busy…
    I’m a terrible stretcher, so I can offer no advice….
    I think a Jingle bell run should be in your future. I would have done ours but I am heading south that weekend.

    • No worries! Thanks! I am looking at signing up for a local 5k around the new year. It seems my ankle is going to need a bit of time to heal…no idea what happened other than I think it is an area that wasn’t being used as much with the old shoes and suddenly got overworked because I felt so good in the new shoes.

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