The T-word…


And just like that. Things come to a grinding halt. All this time I was so worried about my right ankle and apparently I should have focused on my left one. I’ve read up more on tendonitis – apparently the scar tissue that develops as the tendon heals can actually help prevent it from recurring.

My left ankle is up a creek right now…sadly I think it may have started before all my shin problems, but the shins were so sore that my ankle got ignored. Then I felt so great with my new shoes, the small aches and pains I had didn’t seem like anything to take notice of. It bothered me some the last run I did on Friday (yesterday) and now I can barely walk on it. *sigh*

I’ve RICE-d all day today. Actually, I haven’t been compressing…I can’t find my ace bandage or my ankle brace. The ice is definitely helping (15-20 minutes every hour on the hour), but it is at least a few days or more before I can even think about being active on it again. I am so freakin’ frustrated. I need to figure out how to budget for a Y membership so I can swim. I need to find something to keep working my cardio while this heals. And I will continue to work on adding in strength stuff.

To top everything off this week, I’ve finally come fully down with a cold. It seems I’ve been on the brink for several weeks and now it has finally grabbed hold. I guess it is good timing as I can kick that while I am resting the ankle.

It’s always something, isn’t it?


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  1. is it your achilles? If so I recommend getting a pair of tuli’s heel cups about 8.00 on line. they slip into the shoes and have really helped heal mine. I wish I had tried them about 4 months before I did.

    You could try the yoga! It is good for strength, I think I would see more benefits if I did it at home rather than only in the class once a week.

    • Unfortunately, not the achilles – it is the posterior tibialis tendon. It runs along the inside of the ankle. I might still look into the cups if things are better in a few days.

      I definitely want to try some yoga! Unfortunately, there aren’t any classes (that I can find, anyway) near where I live. I need to find a good beginner yoga program to test out at home.

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