2011 Nutrition & Weight-loss Goals


I know I put down my “resolutions” yesterday…but in order to achieve success in any of them, I need some specific goals.


Nutrition really is the foundation for all of my other goals and is probably the easiest thing to get specific about (at least in some areas). It will provide me the energy needed for my exercise. It will make or break my weight-loss goals. It will help boost my immune system and keep me healthy. So, without more babbling, here are my nutrition goals:

  • Vitamins/Supplements – I am vitamin B deficient. When I take my vitamins, I feel a billion times better. I need to get better about keeping them in stock around here and taking them regularly. I also (when I think about it) take fish oil with vitamin D. And recently, because of the stress fracture, I have started taking calcium. This week I will restock and start taking my supplements regularly (calcium and fish oil daily, B vitamins every other day).
  • Fast Food – my goal for 2011 is no fast food. I am talking McDonald’s, Burger King, Chic-fil-a, Wendy’s, etc. Subway and other sandwich shops are probably pushing it, but I can get a decent sandwich if needed when I am traveling for work. Pizza should fall in this list too, but I can’t give up pizza. I just know it won’t happen. This is actually a pretty doable goal since I rarely eat fast food anyway, but this year I am doing away with it completely. Also, soft-drinks. After the Coke in the fridge gone, I am not allowing any more in the house. I can easily drink several cans/bottles at a time. Not good. I need to stick to water, juice, and milk. For my bubbly fix I am going to get back to drinking citrus flavored mineral water. Note: this does not mean I will not be eating out. With work travel that is an impossibility.
  • Food – I want to get back to shopping at the local farmer’s market here in town and the larger one that opened last year in the city. I can get literally everything I could ever want to eat – meats of all varieties, fish, veggies, eggs, cheese, breads, pasta, pickles, even coffee. Everything is local and sustainably raised. And it is fresh. I am also determined to get beds built this year and a garden of my own started (though, no guarantees that it will happen in time for spring food as it hinges entirely on my budget). Goal part one – the beds. We’ll decide on food-stuffs once they are built and filled with soil.


Thankfully, if I stick to my food and exercise goals, this should be a no-brainer. I need to lose about 40 pounds. Right now I am sitting right at 207 pounds. Losing 40 pounds is an average of 1.3 pounds per week all year-long. Ideally I’d like to get somewhere around 165, but ultimately, once the major weight comes off, the running, exercise, and diet are going to determine the final weight.


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