Nutrition: Costco


It was time to restock the pantry. And freezer. And spice cabinet.

For folks who don’t know me well, I am somewhat OCD about a lot of things. On about a quarterly cycle I clean out all my cabinets, the fridge, the pantry, and the closet where I store paper goods and excess beverages. Out with the old, in with the new. That may sound somewhat wasteful, but surprisingly, I don’t end up having to throw away much. Most of what does expire and get tossed are oddball items that Neil has brought into the house (like the bag of dried aprctots…I do not like apricots and I think he only ate them the one time with whatever else he had brought over). On about that same schedule it seems I have run out of almost everything.

Yesterday I made the trek to Costco. I love Costco. I grew up in the land of Costco (the Costco Kirkland brand is named after the city where they are headquartered…I lived right down the road for many years.) When I do go to Costco on a restocking trip it is no joke. By the time I am done, I can barely push the cart because it is so heavy. Meats, frozen goods, canned goods, and dried goods. Because the Costco here is too far from my house to make a regular thing, I typically don’t buy fresh veggies or fruits there, but back in Seattle, it also served as my grocer.

Yesterday’s trip got me, flank steak, chicken tenderloins, salmon burgers, chicken sausage, frozen shrimp, frozen broccoli, frozen stir-fry veggie mix, frozen green beans, canned mushrooms and tomatoes, pasta and pasta sauces, pesto sauce, cereal, coffee beans (organic, none the less, and very, very tasty), a jar of bean salad, a jar of grilled asparagus, a jar of capers, a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, an 8 pack of Amy’s organic soups, an 8 pack of Progreso light soups, crackers, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, bagels, tortillas, butter, maple syrup, oregano, Italian seasoning, lemon pepper, Clif bars, and dishwasher detergent. (I’m sure I am missing something, but you get the idea.)

Because of my work schedule and all the traveling I do, most everything I buy is frozen or can be frozen, or is canned or dry. It sometimes makes for a little extra work waiting for things to thaw, but I’ve mostly gotten used to it. Now, to follow-through with my new year’s resolution to cook more at home!


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    • I love Publix! I wish we had them up here. I use HT for my fresh foods and daily need stuff. They are quite nice as well…especially the one over by Neil’s house. 🙂

  1. I’ve never stepped inside of a Costco. We have one that’s about 30 minutes away but we’ve never checked it out. Maybe we should. That and Trader Joe’s that I’ve heard so much about. We have one that is supposed to open in my metro area but it will be quite a drive too.

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