So much for plans…


I have eaten garbage for the past week…and I feel it.

My weight is hovering right around 207. I must admit I am very grateful it hasn’t inched back up and that I am staying under 210. I am very much looking forward to getting active again. Core training and weight stuff simply isn’t my thing. I am pretty good at adding it to a cardio plan, but on its own I neglect it.

I get to start walking for fitness mid-February…it seems so far off still. It has crossed my mind to start sooner, but then I am remindedĀ that I am not ready by pain in my leg after overdoing it with housework or just being out and about (like this past weekend). I guess for now I should be very happy I am out of the boot!


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  1. Yay for getting rid of the boot and great job on planning on getting outside. have you done any of the kinect fit stuff? If I get this new home, I may have to also go wild and actually get a TV made in this decade.

    • Hehe! Technically my date is next Friday (the 18th), but my plan is to start walking when I get home tomorrow and see how things feel. I am SO tired of sitting around.

      I did some short, easy hikes around my aunt’s property this past weekend and felt great (though obviously slipping back out of shape – or at least slipping from what fitness I gained from running). My official ‘run’ date is in March, but if walking goes well then I might bump that up too. Though, this time I won’t keep running through what I think are shin-splints!

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