This weather is not helping. My natural instinct is to hibernate when it is cold like this. We had yet more snow this morning…thankfully it was really just a dusting and didn’t stick to the important parts (the streets, sidewalks, patio). Though, if my dogs were children, they would have tried to make a three-inch snowman out of whatever they could get to stick together. They LOVE this weather.

I did get a small work-out on Tuesday at the George Bush airport in Houston…the lady at the ticket counter was actually helpful. And friendly. And…nice! Yes, an airline employee was NICE. At any rate, I know the rules about time-frames for checking bags for flights and such – there was a flight leaving about 30 minutes from the time I arrived at her counter and I was fully expecting to just try to get on the next flight (I got done with work stuff ahead of schedule). Instead, she managed to find me a window seat on that flight leaving in 30 minutes.  A full flight, and she got my bag on the plane. So, I booked it through security (who were also nice, oddly enough) and ran for the gate. It is the first time I’ve ever been glad a flight was delayed by 15 minutes. Heh. And even with the delay, that flight arrived on-time in Charlotte. The travel gods were smiling on me on Tuesday.

The whole point of the above story is that my legs are sore. (My lower back is too, but that is from being smashed on a plane and hauling heavy bags around.) Running in heeled boots, even for short distances, uses some different muscles. I admit, it feels good to “feel” my legs again, but it has also put a damper on my desire to go out and walk the dog through my incredibly hilly neighborhood. They are not gentle, rolling hills (well, maybe they are if you are looking at them from 20,000 feet in the air)…they are mountains that require climbing.

I think my plan for today will be to tackle the house cleaning that needs doing (three cats running around a house for a week-and-a-half make a lot of fur!) and I will go run errands later. Tomorrow, no matter what, I am taking Moo for a speed walk. I even plan to use the Garmin to see how we do on pace and distance (assuming I can remember how to use it).

I’m almost back…and then look-out world!

Oh, and I also want to congratulate my two running friends again. I am SO impressed and SO proud of you both! Wendy ran in her first race ever (an 8k) and rocked it! And Holly ran a marathon. A freakin’ FULL marathon. 26.2 miles! There are days I won’t drive that far to get someplace, I can’t even begin to imagine running that far…you are incredible, lady!


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  1. I can only imagine what Sadie and Moo would do in all of our snow!

    How cool that you got some good service and no hassles getting on that flight. If only that kind of service and attitude was the norm, right? 😉

    Good luck and have fun on your speed walk. Hopefully even though it has been a while since you’ve done something your body will quickly remember what it is supposed to do.

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