I am going to learn how to kayak!

This week my dad and his fiancée came to visit. While they were here we went to the US National Whitewater Center (it is right down the street from my house). While we were there, they got me an All Sport Season Pass – while I probably won’t ever use the zip lines, I definitely want to learn to kayak and Neil said he’d go rafting with me.

Aside from the kayaking, there are also trails galore out there. Great place to take the dogs hiking. The biking is probably another that I won’t actually do due to my history of face-planting off of bicycles.

Sunday I am going to do my measurements and “starting” weigh-in on Sunday. Really it is a re-start on the weight, but whatever. Monday is my birthday, so I figure it is fitting to make that a starting point for things. Then I get to start back into things by walking. YAY!


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    • It is a very, very cool place. They have a restauarunt that serves lunch and dinner and in the spring through the fall they have free concerts outside along the river. I am really looking forward to making it a regular place to hang out!

    • The cool thing about this place is that the lesson area is in an enclosed, man-made area. I don’t particularly like open water myself, but I don’t mind being in a boat in it. So, hopefully I’ll learn enough to keep myself upright (I want to do calm-water kayaking, not white-water). 🙂

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