Um…so much for the favors


Gah. Vacation kills me. And I mean real vacations, not visiting family. When I visit family I am blessed – both my mom and my sister eat very well and thus make it easy when I am back (with the exception of alcohol intake…we like our wine and beer). Where I fail miserably is when I go on vacation, away, to parts unknown. This past weekend Neil and I headed down to Florida. It would have been my race weekend there were it not for the stress fracture incident this fall. Since the hotel and time off work had already been arranged, though, we decided to make a vacation of it and in the process meet up with Holly and Wendy.

Friday was pretty nice – fairly warm, though windy as all get out. Neil and I did some exploring and took some photos. Once I edit out all the dirt spots from mine I will get them posted. (My camera sensor somehow got filthy…I am irritated about it.) Friday night we had dinner at a Mexican place with the ladies. They were delightful! Holly was way too sweet and brought me a little gift for my birthday. Poor Wendy was beat from a tremendously long day, but we all had fun! At least I did. I hope they did too and that we get to do it again sometime soon(ish).

Saturday was race packet pick-up (say that three times fast!). Seaside, though quaint and beautiful, was beyond capacity with the number of folks there. I almost gave up on trying to get my packet and t-shirt. Neil and I went and had lunch in the next little town and then tried one more time before giving up. Voila! A place to park. I got my packet and my t-shirt and we departed. Crowds freak me out. Pretty seriously these days. I avoid them whenever possible – there were just too many people and cars for me to want to hang out. The packet sucked. The t-shirt is very nice. Overall it was worth the trouble.

Unfortunately, because the weather was so nasty and because the crowds from the previous day had done me in, I didn’t make it out to cheer on Holly and Wendy (minus 5 friend points for me). I was sort of sad about not being able to run the race, but the flip-side is that being there really motivated me to get back into things now that I am back home.

And that’s a very, very good thing. I gained about seven pounds over the weekend. *sigh*

Which brings us up to date. This evening after work I am going grocery shopping to get some veggies back in the fridge and to find some good breakfast foods. Tomorrow (barring torrential downpours, but I think they are due to be over before then) one of the dogs is going for a walk with me. And we will move on from there.

One day at a time. This might be another set-back, but it isn’t the end. Not by a long shot!


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  1. Sounds like a nice time! Brett and I need a vacation. We haven’t been anywhere since our honeymoon and that was almost 2 years ago. We’ve been talking about trying to go out to Colorado this fall…so maybe that will happen.

    I seriously hate crowds too. I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to run one of the really popular races just because I’d be too freaked out.

    I’m sure most of the weight gain is just sodium. You’ll be back on track in no time!

    • Awww – thanks for the nice thought! I am sure some is salt…but mostly I just ate WAY too much. Huge, heavy breakfasts and lunches. In fact, my dinners were probably the most reasonable, healthful meals I ate! (I mean common, eggs Benedict not once, but twice?) 🙂

      As far as the crowds, next year if I run the Seaside race I will for sure be renting a villa in town so I don’t have to mess with driving and parking. Usually our vacations are family related since my entire family is out in Washington, so this was definitely a nice change…I’d like to do it more often, though, I’d also really like to bring along the dogs which makes it harder. Hopefully with a villa or cabin rental we could do it.

  2. It’s hard not to induldge when you’re on vacation! And some splurging from time to time isn’t all bad. You’ll get back up and get back into it!

  3. Sounds like you and I both have that overindulging on vacation problem! Don’t worry though – my extra weight came off in no time and yours will too.

    Crowds totally freak me out. It’s like I become a little mouse in the crowd, and I’m convinced everyone is out to stomp on me. EEK! DH is the same way, except he gets mad.

    • I hope so! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      LOL – I get a combination of overhwelmed and angry. I get very short-fused with anyone in range around me…unfortunately, that is usually family or friends. 🙂

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