A New Beginning


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Weight: 208.8

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Alright. It is well past time to get this show back on the road.

The weight is an average of weighing myself six days over the past week. It is incredible to me that even with weighing myself at approximately the same time every day (first thing in the morning) my weight still fluctuated between 212 to 206 throughout the week. And as much as I tried to make heads or tails of the why’s for the fluctuation, I couldn’t come up with anything. Food remained pretty much the same, it isn’t “that time of the month”, I have been a lazy slug consistently. So, who knows.

Food: I haven’t been the best with it. But I also haven’t been my worst with it, either. We are coming to a mutual compromise. I also think some of the weight has been because I have tried very hard to eat at least a good lunch, and when possible, breakfast while I am on the road for work. Overall it is more food than my body is used to, but once my metabolism gets going again it should all even out and be OK.

And so we begin again…”workout” to be posted later.

Measurements to be posted around the first of the month.


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    • No no! Be obnoxious…I need that right now it seems! Workout (which I really did try to post but couldn’t get it to work from my phone – I was on the road) was 5 push-ups (that almost killed me), 25 crunches each side and straight up the middle, and then a bunch of leg lifts and some other arm exercises. Tonight we are going to get the Kinect re-calibrated so I can play with the fitness thing on there.

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