Stutter, sputter, stagger…


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 218

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Well yay for being down a pound…though, with the way I fluctuate weight throughout any given week, it doesn’t really mean too much. But still, I am running with the “yay for being down a pound” for now.

I’ve struggled to get back into a routine of any kind – eating, exercising, even sleeping have all been chaotic. Most of it stems from work. Lately it has been hectic at a minimum and insane as the norm. Today is another example…have to work today and it will likely take the better part of the day. I do plan to get out with the Moo-dog (and maybe even the Sadie-dog if I am feeling daring – the both of them at the same time is a bit much sometimes) to walk the neighborhood.

November seems to be about when I will get to find a normal schedule again. I can only hope. In the meantime, I am going to squeeze in walks with the dogs when I can, hopefully a trip or two to the gym, and I will try to watch what I eat (though yesterday was definitely not one of those days).

I did a little shopping therapy the other day – I picked up an iPod nano and some nice earbuds to go with it (I am digging the Yurbuds). I also picked up an arm band for it. To aid will allergies I changed out all the intake filters for the HVAC system. And I put a new water filter in the fridge. Little things that took all of five minutes but have already made a huge difference.

Also, on a more grody note, I am still fighting an ingrown toenail. I injured the nail a while back and it has not grown in normally since. It flares up off and on, but lately it seems to just be on. I have tried to avoid seeing a doctor about it…but that may have to change. Not that I have time to fit an appointment in any time soon. Any of my running friends have any home-remedy suggestions to help?


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    • Thanks, Holly! I am going to try the salt since it is something I can do while I travel. Hopefully in a month or so things will mellow out enough for me to find a doc to look at it. Or maybe I will get lucky and it will fix itself by then. LOL

    • Sadly, it has actually been worse. Work has required more travel than normal (that included per-planned events all day so no gym breaks for me. And no, I just won’t get up at 4am to do it. LOL), I’ve been fighting some nasty respiratory thing that makes it hard to breathe even when I’m not exercising, and I’ve just been sort of depressed. Which I know is a catch 22. I’d feel better if I go do something, but I can’t get myself out the door to do anything.

      After this week I get back onto a more normal schedule with some serious time off coming up in Dec, so I’m hopin that will help ease things a bit. I know, I’m full I excuses, which really means I’ve got no excuse. Blah.

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