Alrighty then…it’s time to DO something.


Yeah. As previously stated, I’ve run out of ideas…so I am taking advantage of Black Friday.

My YMCA group (to which I am still eternally grateful to Neil for the membership even though I’ve fallen flat on my butt about it all) is having a little sale. Sort of a buy one get one (or more) free thing with their personal training sessions. I am going to buy a block. I do well with instructions – much better than I do with self-motivation around exercise. I am hoping that with someone saying “do x number of these like this” or “do 30 minutes of this” will give me a decent regimen to work from. I am also hoping that my trainer can help me find better ways to fit exercise into my schedule (including while I travel).

Also, taking a cue from an online friend – I’ve decided that I need to get myself under 200 lbs before I commit to any races (yes, even a 5k). Carrying this much weight will do more damage than good in a high-impact environment.

There you have it. The latest plan. Sadly, I am starting to feel like a ‘get rich schemer’ always coming up with the next great idea…none of which ever amount to what they should. *sigh* Someday something will give. I refuse to give up on this.


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