I did it!


Today I bought a block of ten personal training sessions which got me two free (total of 12). I also signed on for their 12 Days of Christmas thingy…I think I get a t-shirt if I go to the gym 12 times before Christmas. Thankfully I am only gone overnight for two nights between now and then! “Shawn” will be calling me (“Sean”?) to discuss my needs and set me up with one of their trainers. He is the head of their Wellness program and I am guessing manages the trainers. Since I don’t know anyone I figure it is a good way to start out.

That’s all for now…time to go start decorating the Christmas tree.


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    • My Y is great that way…they also do a T-shirt for going 10 times in the first month you are a member or something like that. I totally missed out on that one – bad schedule and I didn’t find out about it until almost 2 weeks into my membership. Oh well.

      I’m really looking forward to the training. I know I to do much better with exercising when someone gives me tasks.

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