Day 1


Yesterday was my first day with the personal trainer (Sue Ann). I dig her. She’s a little new-agey for me in some respects (she is also a yoga teacher – and talks a lot about balance and symmetry), but overall, I get what she is trying to tell me in her way and I like her positive personality. She is very “you can do this” without being cheer-leader-y. Most of the session was filling out forms and setting goals and such, but then we did some cardio.

First on the treadmill…I had forgotten how much trouble I have walking at a fast pace. There gets a point that I have to jog. However, until I shed a few pounds, I don’t want to pound my joints into smithereens, so I think I am going to stick to the low-to-no impact machines for a while. After the treadmill we hit the elliptical machine. I don’t think I was on that thing for more than about 8 minutes, but it was the most hellatious 8 minutes of my legs’ lives. Heh. They turned to jello. She had me go at an average clip for a bit and then max out (hit some crazy high (for me) steps per minute)…and then slow back down. Then after a few minutes I reversed direction and did the same thing. Today I am in serious ow in places I had no idea had muscles. She did give me great pointers on focusing on form and where I am putting pressure on my feet when using the machine.

I also have to start keeping a food journal. That ought to be interesting.

In a bit  I will also go take my measurements and post them separately. Not that I really want to, but I’ve got to start somewhere. LOL

My first goal is to comfortably fit into my favorite “fat-girl” jeans…no real timeframe on hitting that one because I’ve got NO idea what to expect for speed of size-loss, but we’ll see in a week or two what transpires. I am also pleased that this is SueAnn’s method of measurement…size-loss rather than focusing on a weight goal. Not that I won’t be tracking my weight, but I am much more motivated to fit into my favorite clothes again.

My next PT session is Monday morning. Wheeeee! In addition to strength training on the gym machines, she is also going to teach me exercises using bands, hand weights, and medicine balls. I love that she is listening to me and is taking my travel into account. She is teaching the band exercises because I can easily pack them and take them with me! I am looking forward to future sessions with her.


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  1. Yaaay! I’m so excited for you. yeah Elliptical. If the gym has different styles of machines try them all, one will feel the most comfortable.

    I LOVE the bands! So so much better than the actual weights. there are so many ways to use them. And man do they work.

    • Glad to hear about the bands! I am looking forward to them. And I think there is one other variety of machine so I will try it – thanks for the advice! I was warned that the floor in the cardio room is sloped. It is higher in the middle than at the far edges of the room, so it was suggested that I use machines toward the middle so they are more level. Heh.

      Thanks for the support! I am excited too, though somewhat discouraged with how sore I am today…I am truly starting from scratch!

  2. Very proud of you! This is good work. It’s always especially hard at the beginning. Just gotta get through that part. Hope you, Neil and all the critters have a wonderful holiday and that you are planning a 2012 visit to Texas. Lots of love, CC, JP and the girls

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