This morning was my second session with the trainer and once again I survived! Heh. I really like her even though she keeps trying to kill me via elliptical. I am not kidding when I say I barely survive 5 minutes on that thing. My legs burn and then turn to liquid. (We did it for “warm-up” today.)

Today we focused on strength stuff: shoulders, back, sides, abs, and glutes.

Arm pulls on a resistance machine (straight back and across body), then we did them on a floor balance ball thingy (no idea what it is called…it is part yoga ball with a flat side). Then we did some half-moon moves against a wall. Lunges. Crunches on a balance ball (ow!). Shoulder presses against a wall. Reverse sit-ups and side sit-ups. Squats on the floor balance ball thingy (and then just on the floor). And then lots and lots and lots of stretching.

I have to work on my lunges with left leg forward – my right foot keeps wanting to turn out. And as we’ve been working on things, it is very apparent that my right leg is not my strong one. Same with my right shoulder/arm.

I am still learning the best way to utilize what I am learning on my own…what I have realized is that I need to take better notes about the exercises we do together. For instance, I have NO idea what weight I had the resistance machine set at. Or how many reps I did of almost any of it. It was only the second session, though, and overall I feel good about what I am getting out of it and putting into it.

Journaling: I have not been doing well with my journal (food and exercise). I am looking forward to the next couple weeks (after this weekend – Christmas makes things different) to get into a better routine with both the exercise and the eating.

That’s all for now – the journey has begun and it will be a long and interesting one. I am looking forward to see what comes.


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  1. You are doing well!!!! going to be great! I often forget to look when I am working with a trainer, at the weights and I am completely confused…you arent alone there!

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