Happy New Year!


We’ll get to the resolutions stuff in a minute. First I want to say how much I am enjoying working with SueAnn. (And I have no idea if there is a space between the Sue and Ann or not…so my apologies if there is!) She pushes without being pushy. She encourages without being cheerleader-y. She is a wonderful example of being fit without looking like a runway super model. She is strong. Spunky. She inspires me. She also makes me hurt. LOL Even with the sore muscles, I already feel a billion times better and I haven’t lost an ounce yet (in fact I’ve put on a couple of pounds with holiday eating and all….eesh!). I have started journaling my food, though that has gotten a rocky start with the craziness of holiday stuff. But going forward it will be good!

A little TMI to follow…just warning y’all. I have managed to ring in the new year with the worst. period. ever. I feel like I need a blood transfusion. Ugh. And the cramping on top of already sore muscles is really miserable. In a thankful and fortunate turn of events, my appointment with SueAnn for tomorrow morning got moved to Tuesday. Which means tomorrow I can start the C25K program as planned without extra soreness. There’s always a silver lining somewhere, right?

All that aside, Christmas, new year’s eve, and in general the past week and a half or so have been really wonderful and happy. I am starting to love life again (this past year has really been a downer for me)! WOOHOO!

Okay, okay…on to the resolutions. I’ve broken these down by topic so there are a few “sub-resolutions” involved.

  • Health & Fitness
    • Lose approx 60 pounds: I hate to put a goal weight down because I don’t much care about my actual weight, but I do need to lose a significant amount of poundage. Somewhere right around 60 puts me at a healthy weight and about where I will fit into “normal” sized clothing again. My first stepping stone is to fit comfortably into my “fat girl” jeans again.
    • Run a 5k and a 10k race: really probably more than one of each, but I am cool with goals of one each. Eventually I will run a 1/2 marathon (because I agreed to with a friend and will fulfill that someday…probably the Seaside 1/2 in 2013) My first 5k goal is to happen around my birthday (end of Feb beginning of March) depending on what is available around that time. That will be about when I finish up the C25K program. After that I will just keep working at some distance, though, I have come to realize I am more of a sprinter than a distance athlete. Always have been, so I am not sure why I thought things would be different now! My plan is to work on PR times
    • Continue to see SueAnn at least once a week: Ideally I’d like to keep it at twice a week, but eventually it will probably pare back to once a week. We’ll see. At a minimum, though, once a week because it forces me into the gym to use equipment to do exercises I can’t do at the house.
  • Food
    • Drink more wine instead of beer: this is a weight-loss thing and a budget thing. I adore beer, don’t get me wrong, especially darker beers, but I drink a lot of it. I am hoping by moving to wine it will help with the weight around the middle and that I will simply not drink as much. Ha! We’ll see.
    • Make at least one home-cooked meal a week: I realize this seems trivial, but with a job that has me on the road most of the week and a guy (and gal) who loves eating out, we rarely cook. And we both love to cook. So, I am going to change that. As a part of it, I am hoping (though no promises) to do a semi-remodel of the kitchen to add counter space this year. We’ll see if the budget will allow for it. In the meantime, tonight I am starting with making home-made chicken broth.
    • Cut back on the carbs: seriously. Now that I’ve journald my food intake, the amount of carbs I eat is crazy! Love them, yes. But really, I could cut way back and still be happy. In fact, I could eat more fat, cut back on the carbs and still intake fewer, healthier calories! That’s a pretty cool place to be, really.
  • Family/Home Life
    • Be a better girlfriend: work has had me ultra-stressed out this past year and I’ve been uber grumpy as a norm. No fun for anyone, including me. Working out has helped that immensely already. But in addition to that, my vow for 2012 is to spend my personal time being personal and leave work at work. For as little time as we actually get together, he deserves to get all of me. And I deserve to get some time away from the work stuff. Really the overall theme here is better life/work balance. This was a goal last year, but this year it has gotten to the point that if it means not a perfect performance review, so be it. I will give work my all when I am working, but I am not going to work a billion hours a week any more.
    • Dogs: Sadie just plain gets more snuggle time. Though, I am not so worried about her as she gets spoiled rotten even when I am traveling. LOL Moo will be part of my C25K plan. We are doing it together! This time around I am going to run/walk in the neighborhood and take her with me. The exceptions will be the crazy hot days of summer. Not sure how that will work out yet, but we’ll figure it out when the time comes.
    • Budget: continue to pay down the remainder of my debt and generally live more frugally. Less eating out will help a lot. And I just need to quit buying “stuff”.

So there you have it. Really just three resolutions: better health, better eating, and a better home life. The sub-items are simply how I plan to accomplish those things. Going forward I will post more sub-goals…stepping-stones…to get me to my final targets. In the meantime, I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday season and have started the new year off with a happy bang! Last year started as a complete downer and just kept on keeping on in that manner. This year started out really wonderfully and I am planning to keep up that momentum – I wish the same for everyone!


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  1. Looks like you are on the right track! Yaaay! Just so you plan accordingly, I may or may not run Seaside next year…so no pressure to run anything at all.

    2012 is going to be a good year. (Sadly I thnk I said that about 2011 too)

    • I said that for 2011 too, but I didn’t really feel it. This year FEELS like it is going to be great. 🙂

      And I really love my trainer…I feel lucky to have gotten one that I click with so well right off the bat. That has made getting back into the exercise thing so much better!

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