So yesterday I never got off my butt to do C25K day one. Bad Anne.

Today I met with my trainer and did more “stuff” – today we worked a bit with the universal machine doing back work, then we went into the gym and did lunges and squats with and without weights down the basketball court line. Then did criss-crosses down the length of the b-ball court, jogged backwards, did some work on the shin and ankle muscles with bands, and then threw the medicine ball around. First straight forward then from each side – each time trying to throw it farther. I did awesome with that. Go me! We ended the work-out with warrior poses moving into half-moons on each side.

We finished up with stretching and specific homework – the band exercises to strengthen ankles and shins and legs in general and specific stretches for my hip flexors (I am having issues with my right one being very tight and sort of weak at the same time) and my ankles and shins. For those that know yoga, the main stretch is the hero pose (I am 98.8% sure that is what she called it) to work my hips and ankles. Right now I can’t even come close to being able to do it, but it will be fun working toward it.

Eating has been not so great, but now schedules are getting back to normal I think food will too. Tomorrow I really am going to start C25K…

So the weirdness – my right hip flexor. During my lunges today whenever I stepped forward with my right foot my entire upper body would dip over to the left and my knee kept wanting to turn in. I couldn’t keep my posture centered to save my life. Nothing hurt, but my upper leg has felt tight. That is also the leg that burns (significantly) very high up on the top of my thigh when doing the elliptical and stair machines. Stretching and strengthening are the prescription I’ve been given. We’ll see how it all goes.


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