I feel good!


SueAnn is crackin’ the whip at my sessions and I am exhausted when we are done, but I feel fantastic! I finally dropped about a pound…and while that is just a drop in the bucket, it is finally movement in the right direction. Next week will really help as I will finally be back on a “normal” schedule. As much as I dislike the travel, at least it is mostly consistent. heh.

Today we did power sets working on shoulders and back. Essentially it is time-blocked sessions of focusing on a single muscle group with several different exercises with very little rest between sets. Then a cardio session, then a short break and onto the next time block/muscle group. Then we did some balance exercises and stretching and the hour was over. I haven’t sweat that much in ages…

The best part about all of this is that since I’ve started I am no longer getting the horrid stress-headaches that I used to. I chalk that up to having someone help me with proper form and teaching me excellent stretches.

I finally got on the C25K bandwagon yesterday and tomorrow will do day 2 with the Moo-dog. All that is after the early morning trip to the vet, though. Time for shots and the annual check-up.

Food…eh. We’ll talk about that later. I’ve been doing OK with it, but again, it will be easier once I am back into a normal routine.


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