Random Update


Still here. Still loving my trainer. Still struggling to get on track with the C25K program.

I did drop another half a pound or so. I am at exactly 218 now. YAY!

I know the pounds will start coming off faster if I could get myself motivated and moving with a regular cardio routine, but I keep falling flat there. Right now I make it out about one day a week. Someday I will get back on track with three days a week.

Aside from the cardio struggles, I am doing great with the trainer and can already feel the difference the strength training is making. There are muscles in my upper arms, even if they are still covered with excess squishy flesh. And seriously, the side sit-up things she makes me do on the balance ball are killer. And I am good at them! However, I definitely do not look like the gal in the video I linked…not yet anyway. LOL

I am also doing well with my eating. I suppose I shouldn’t mention the incredibly tasty rice crispy treats with bacon and candied jalapenos we made last night…they are crazy good. Thankfully the jalapenos give them enough “bite” that I don’t want to eat the whole tray in a single sitting. Actually, I DO want to eat the whole tray, but the jalapenos would make me greatly regret it (and Neil took most of the tray to work so they aren’t all sitting here at the house tempting me). Even with the occasional small tasty treat like these, really, my eating is going great! Last night was crab-cakes and sautéed spinach (olive oil and lemon juice). Tonight I am making spicy chicken tagine – I am going to try it over quinoa this time instead of couscous.

That’s all I have to report…sometime today I do my “at home” strength training…working on some shin and ankle exercises to help avoid injuries. Woohoo!


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  1. You are doing really well. I am amazed that you don’t like cardio. I struggle to make myself do the strength stuff…it is just so boring. I think that is one reason I keep with the trainer, he entertains me as I lift stuff.

    I saw a photo of those rice krispie treats and I will say they spontaneously disgusted and intrigued me!

    • My initial reaction to the treats was “eeewwwwww”! But then we made them and I tasted one…if you like spicy foods then they are fantastic! However, if you don’t like spicy, then I would avoid them. The bacon adds a bit of saltiness to them. It really is a good combination of flavors.

      It isn’t so much that I don’t like cardio, I am just really struggling to get myself together and out of the house for any reason. It’s that time of year, it feels like it is always dark outside and lately it has been really dreary here. Though today is beautiful. And I struggle because I am so out of shape…which is a catch 22 because I know that will get easier the more I do it. It’ll happen. And I am with you on the strength stuff – I am really enjoying it with my trainer, but it is definitely because she makes it fun. Wednesdays at home are much less fun.

      I think it will help once I finally get my iPod updated with some music to walk/jog to. Cardio also sucks right now because I had been going out with Moo, but she hurt her leg and can’t go for a while. She was my running buddy and we were getting back in shape together. LOL

      I’m so excited to hear about your new compression shorts. They sound like they are wonderful!

    • Thanks! Today I am going to get the C25K podcasts loaded on my iPod and then next week make another go at it. This cold is keeping me from doing pretty much anything today…cest la vie.

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