A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…


I am not very comfortable in front of a camera…never have been, but especially after gaining so much weight. I avoid them whenever possible. However, there are times that just can’t be avoided (my sister’s wedding, for instance…or the birth of my niece) and thus there is a visual record of my chubbiness:

My sister’s wedding in 2007 –

That’s me on the far right with the extra pasty white skin. It’s too hot to be out in the sun here in the South…just sayin’. And as not to be rude, my sister is the gorgeous bride, my sister-in-law (or rather my sister’s SIL) is next, and then my sister’s friend (I know, I did that backwards). Also, I am not entirely sure my sister was wearing heels in this photo because in reality she is taller than I am by a couple of inches…

Any my adorable new niece just after she was born this past summer –

This is the most recent photo I’ve got (July 2011)…isn’t that baby adorable?! Sadly, I look like I am the one who just had her whereas my sister looked (looks) just like she does in her wedding photo. Yes, I am a little jealous of how our genetics worked out, but I still love her to death anyway.

Anyway, there you have it. Or me, rather. And as much as I hate publicly displaying these photos, I am now pretty excited to shed these pounds so I can post new ones sometime in the near-ish future!


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