It is ON!


I have exactly fifteen weeks before my mom and sister come for their annual visit. I am 110% determined to be thinner than I’ve been in years before they get here. (And no, I do not at all expect to reach my ultimate goal…I am being realistic about all this, still.)

216.2 – my current weight. I seem to have stagnated a bit, though I am down a tiny bit from my last weigh-in. I can deal with it, though, I haven’t gained!

With a realistic average of losing 1.5 to 2 pounds per week over 15 weeks, I should be able to lose between 22.5 and 30 pounds. Which then puts me between 193.7 and 186.2! I don’t even care about the end number – barring some unforeseen accident or problem, I will easily be able to get myself under the 200 mark and that is a huge deal for me mentally.

Around April 1 (April Fool’s Day – go figure), I will be looking to run my first ever 5k race! By then I will have finished the C25K program and should be in decent enough shape to not worry too much about injury. Then sometime after my mom and sister’s visit, I am planning to run a 10k race. Knowing myself, though I do  want to complete a 1/2 marathon someday, I really want to focus on 5k and 10k distances and time. I am a natural sprinter. I enjoy shorter competitions. And the result is still the same – I lose weight, get in shape, and am overall healthier for it.

My training weeks will run Monday through Sunday – Tuesday is my rest day (typically my travel day as discussed in a previous post). The C25K training will be somewhat modified due to travel. One day per week of it will be on cardio equipment of some kind (depending on hotel equipment available it could be either on a treadmill or a stationary bike). Saturday and Sunday will be through my neighborhood (hopefully with Moo in tow – she needs the exercise as well). The other three days are strength, with two of them being trainer directed and one on my own.

Which leads me into some sad news – my trainer’s mother passed away late last week, so we haven’t had a couple of our sessions. I feel terrible for her as it was very unexpected. We are trying for Friday morning, but I told her to let me know if she wasn’t feeling up to it. I hate these sorts of situations as I never know how to handle them.

In other semi-related  and more exciting news – the new sports bras that I ordered arrived and actually fit! This is a minor miracle as stores around here do not carry my “well endowed” size in stock, so I have to guess at sizing, place an order, and then it is trial and error with mostly errors (the bras I ordered last week all had to go back). I have had the best luck with Champion bras – there are other, higher priced brands that I hear good things about, but I am hoping to not be wearing these sizes long and thus don’t want to spend that kind of money. On sale I got four nice quality bras for under $100. I have to exchange one because I was unsure which band size was right for me, but that’s an easy thing with them. So WOOHOO!



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  1. I’m so excited that you found bras that fit!!!! It is not easy! You are doing great! and I am very very proud of your goal for the 5K!
    I’m running one this weekend. I will admit, i frankly HATE them. I’m doing it so I can hopefully have a new PR.
    You are doing great.

    Very sad situation with the trainer. It is super hard to know whats appropriate to say/do. Hopefully on Friday she will help you know what you can/should say/do. it is awkward.

    • Thanks, Holly! You are such an awesome motivator and great inspiration!

      And yes – I think the best thing to do Friday is just ask what I can do.

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