Stress: Work has me over-the-top stressed out. As I stated to Neil, it is bad when I am feeling guilty for not working on a weekend. I have a standard corporate Monday through Friday job. I work well over forty hours in any given week (and that is not even including travel time which according to our corporate policy counts toward our work hours – not that any manager would actually allow us to count it toward that). I am efficient and good at what I do. And there are simply not enough hours in a day to get my work done.

The part that has me so stressed out is that working weekends seems to have become the new norm across the board. It isn’t because of some big special project that is due and then the extra hours will die back. It isn’t because I am a slow worker and am not living up to expectations. There is simply too much work on everyone’s plate. I have managed to avoid it for a while, but this past month has been chaos…and it doesn’t seem to be improving. There are still some good things that might be popping up on the horizon that would mean less travel, so I am trying to keep an eye on that light at the end of this tunnel.

The other huge work stress is my CRCM exam. The Compliance & Risk Manager Certification test is essentially the bar exam for financial regulation. The test is two months away and I am nowhere near ready. We are supposed to be studying for the exam on our own time – but seeing as how we don’t really have any of that these days, I don’t know when I am going to fit it in. In fact, I think this exam is what has me extra stressed out about having to work over my weekends. It all feeds into each other. Thankfully I am good at taking tests, but I am concerned about my knowledge with some…OK many….of the regulations. I am terrible at rote memory stuff which is what I am going to have to do for regs that don’t apply to my line of business. I guess the one thankful thing is that my line of business is a large part of most of the regs these days.

Travel: With all that said, I am doing OK with my traveling workouts. Still trying to figure out how to make them work, but I am getting some exercise in which is better than I was doing before, so I am happy with it. I think, though, that I am going to change my rest day from Tuesday to Thursday. Since I prefer working out in the evening and the hotel gyms seem to be less crowded then, I figure I can get on a bike or a treadmill for a while on Tuesdays. Thursdays I have run into the gym being packed in the morning and then I am working and traveling all day and evening and not getting home until very late. It seems like a better day to just bag it to me. We’ll see how things go this next week.

Resolutions: Later this evening I will do a one-month check-in or recap of my resolutions to see how they are all doing…I’d like to try to stick with them all this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Trainer: My trainer cancelled on me again today for family reasons. I am frustrated and having a hard time deciding what to do about it. We haven’t been able to have a consistent schedule since I started with her mid-December. And while I completely understand family stuff has to come first (major stuff – her mom passed away, her husband’s mom or maybe it is grandma is very very sick, her friend was beaten by her husband and hospitalized, etc.) I have also paid a sizable amount of money to have someone help me get my rear into shape . Two weeks straight of no training sessions doesn’t really fit that model. I would ask about being assigned to a different trainer, but I really like my trainer and when we do meet, we get along well and she is the perfect personality to get me moving without being angry or hating her. *sigh* I give it another few weeks and if we still can’t gain some traction then I will change it up I guess.


OK. I think I have vented my frustrations now…and I do feel a little better getting some of it out. With that, I will go finish my soup and get back to work (typing this constituted my “lunch break”).


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  1. Yugh.

    If your trainer is not that reliable, you may want to get a second, “back Up one” I used to have this idea that only one person would work for me, because I initially went through trainers like a sweaty girl does water. But the last 4 (over several years) have all been really great in different ways. and yes 2 weeks without training, NO GOOD. especially if already paid. We all have difficulties in life, but most of us go to work anyway, and function. I think having someone else to train you when she is unavailable may be the best, if nothing else, she may realize that she is then missing out on the money, and come in for you, because the lack of training for two weeks does show a total lack of committment to her job and to you. its nuts. You may even find you like a more reliable trainer better…I know I would. (You can borrow Hemant any time.)

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