It’s been awhile…


That does not mean I’ve slacked (much). I just haven’t had any spare time at all to do things like blog…or breathe. Heh.

Training with Sue-Ann is going great! I am getting stronger and it shows. I am doing more reps, more sets, and at higher weights. I am still really struggling with the cardio aspect of things though, and a lot of that is simply because of my travel/work schedule. I know they say you just have to make the time, but when I am on the road, my work-load is such that I am going non-stop from 5:30am until sometimes around 10-11pm. Which not only hinders exercise, but there are days I don’t even get a break to eat lunch. I am getting better about packing travel meals with me at least so I am no longer going ALL day without eating. I think for now I am just going to focus on the weekends for which I have no excuse other than I am so exhausted after the week it is easy for me to sit like a lump all weekend. And even then, I am not really sitting like a lump. I am vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, playing with dogs and cats…you get the idea.

All that being said, I did make it into the gym on Wednesday morning this week because I was suffering serious jet lag on the left coast and was wide awake at 4am local time. Heh. Maybe that’s the trick? I need to travel cross-country more? Noooo what am I thinking?

Eating has been so so, though this week actually was pretty good. It is funny how different the menu options are in different regions of the country. The room service menu at the hotel had all kinds of healthy-ish meals available. But then again, I was in California. Heh. They don’t believe in fried food there. 😉 Definitely a different culture. It was a nice change – I had some great soups and salads this week. The worst being the cup of clam chowder I had last night. By worst, I mean nutrition wise…it was incredibly tasty! My goal is to continue the good trend since I seem to have fallen back into some bad habits the week before I left (pizza, beer, too much sugary stuff).

My mom and sister are coming to visit in May and I am still determined to get myself under 200lbs before then! I really need to take this weekend to regroup, refocus and get myself mentally back together. Work seems to finally be slowing down a tiny bit (of course I’ve just jinxed that, I am sure!) so hopefully the coming weeks will be a little easier to manage.

Oh yeah, and my birthday is next week. The getting older part doesn’t bother me…the still being fat part does. I have GOT to get this weight off.



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  1. girl, you are less fat than you were at this time last year, right? Hang in there. I think I am going to feed this rungry girl some pizza today in honor of you….or because I can not resist it.

    • Sadly, I am right where I was this time last year – I actually gained MORE weight last year, so the 10-ish pounds I’ve lost so far just puts me back to my starting point. But, I am glad the numbers are finally moving in the downward direction…I am just very impatient and want them to go faster, but I also want them to stay off, which I know doesn’t happen if they come off too fast and thus I get myself all worked into a frustrated tizzy sometimes. It will pass.

      And enjoy that pizza! It wouldn’t be so bad if I could control myself and not eat 1/2 the darn thing at a time. LOL

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