Slow and Steady


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Almost another pound down. Slowly but surely it is coming off. The best part is that it really does feel like it will stay off! Not like in the past when I’ve dropped a bunch of weight fast and then had it bounce right back on. I am so so so so pleased!

Last week was my birthday – 38, if you can believe it. I can’t. I still feel like I am in my 20’s…and I guess that’s a good thing. Even my sister thought I was only 36 this year when she called me – that in itself is funny because she will be 36 later this summer. This past weekend I had some friends over for a small celebration dinner. Neil cooked and it was fantastic: pork tenderloin with a honey/orange/rosemary glaze, a semi-SW chopped salad (romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, tomatoes, black beans, corn, jicama, radishes, avocado, cilantro, and a lime/honey/cilantro/garlic dressing with a little olive oil), and some quinoa for a grain to go with it all. YUM! The salad in particular was a hit. For dessert we had cake and ice cream. Also yum! We discovered that the bakery sells “cakes” that are actually four quarters of different varieties so this had red velvet, chocolate, yellow, and carrot cakes.

I also got myself a birthday present this weekend:

Merrell Pace Gloves in Caribbean Sea (my phone camera did funny things to the color – they are greener than this – turquoise with lime green stripes and tabs across the tongue) – these are part of the new-ish minimalist shoe movement. Barefoot shoes I believe is how Merrell markets them. Regardless, they are insanely comfortable. While these particular shoes are for running, I am definitely not ready for running in this type of shoe. Instead, they will be my new gym shoes. I needed something that was more form-fitted to my foot for all the balance and lateral work we do during my training sessions. My current running shoes were causing lots of soreness and pulled ankle muscle problems at the gym because they are so loose around my foot.

I should note that I go barefoot almost all the time. When I work out at home I do it barefoot unless I am running. I wear flip-flops as my primary shoes in the summer (and even in the winter if it is mild enough). So, this type of shoe seemed like a natural choice. The best part is that I discovered Merrell makes everyday shoes as well! While poking around on Amazon I found several cute sandals that would be perfect for summer business shoes. I might have to see if there is a store around here that sells a wider variety of this brand. As I was trying these on I also noted that there were several other people around me who all swore by these shoes (in various models)…with all the other brands in similar shapes and sizes available, I thought that said a lot about them. Oh yeah, and they are very reasonably priced.


Cardio – over the next couple months I have to work more cardio into my weekly routine. Even if it is just walking the dogs through the neighborhood. Something. Anything! So far it has been sporadic at best and non-existent has been mostly the norm. I know the pounds will come off faster if I figure out how to add this. Not to mention, it is just plain good for the heart and lungs!

Food – namely fresh fruits and veggies. Thank goodness Spring is almost upon us! Unfortunately I will get a late start on getting a garden planted, but I’ve saved up to buy supplies to build a couple raised garden beds. The soil here is solid clay and would take forever to mend into something that could successfully support a garden. It is much easier to build raised beds and fill them with good planting soil. Once they are in I will have beans, tomatoes, squash, basil, peppers, peas (if they grow here…gotta check), and strawberries. Probably other herbs as well, but I need to see what will grow at the different times of year. I am learning that most of the things I used to grow back in Washington will also grow here, but do so in early spring and again in the fall. Summer veggies are different. Anyway, I digress. This all is about my struggle with getting fresh veggies and fruit into my diet. Traveling makes it nearly impossible to keep fresh foods on hand, so unfortunately I am stuck with frozen most days/nights. And while I know it is good I am still getting veggies in some form, they just aren’t as tasty! I loooooooove my veggies…so I definitely want to fix this. I will also plant some blueberry bushes this spring so I should have fruit in a year or two.

Overall I am very pleased with how things are progressing! Is it as fast as I’d like? Heck no. But patience has never been one of my virtues. And so every day I simply remind myself of how much better I feel. How much more energy I have. And then there are those small surprises like the other day when I had an itch on my calf and when I went to scratch it I startled myself with how “solid” my lower leg was. I have muscles! (I am starting to see some shape under the flab on my arms too…it’s pretty cool and I can’t help but smile when I catch a glimpse once in a while in the mirror.)


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  1. This is terrific, Annie. Keep on the journey. You are very inspiring—and I love those shoes. Might get some myself. xoxoxo Love. CC

    • Thanks, Carla! I highly recommend trying this shoe brand…some other friends of mine (who happen to live down your way) each bought some for a trip to Denver for hiking and also love them.

  2. I just came acrossed your blog today, thanks for the inspiration! I am going to check out these shoes as well, I have been trying to get at least a 1/2 mile in on my lunch breaks but the shoes I have at the moment are not great. Do you have any advice for someone just starting on their journey?

    • Thanks for the kind comment! These shoes are awesome. Just be aware that they have very little padding in them. I love them because I go barefoot all the time, but they are very different than any other shoes I’ve owned. This brand does make shoes with more “support” if you are looking for that, so I still highly recommend checking them out!

      Also, your goal of 1/2 mile each day is wonderful! I am still struggling with making myself do any kind of cardio during the week…and I desperately need it!

      Hmmmm advice…I think my best advice is to take it slow and steady. 🙂 Over a year ago I started out way too fast for my body and ended up really injuring myself (stress fracture that had me in a walking cast for almost three months!) I am an incredibly impatient person, so the slow and steady thing is hard for me. I want results NOW! But after that injury I have learned to deal with my impatience and that is starting to pay off. It has been about three months, but I am starting to see change, and I feel fantastic. The best part is that it truly feels like permanent change, not the yo-yo back and forth weight loss I had for years. I’ve finally managed to get myself to a point where I can look at the long-term goal and not worry so much about where I am at right this minute.

      Also, I don’t “diet”. I do try to eat whole, real foods and avoid processed/fried/sugary stuff as much as possible, but I don’t stress too much about it if I fall off that wagon as long as I can keep things relatively balanced. What I have found with food that I really needed (and still need) to focus on is portion size. So now I start with very little on my plate and try to eat slowly…then if I need more I will get a little bit more. It’s kind of a pain, but once I am full I no longer feel obligated to over-eat just because there is still food left on my plate.

      And like I mentioned with the food – don’t beat yourself up if you do fall off the wagon with things. Dust yourself off and get back on! I’ve been at this for about a year and a half now and still struggle, but every single time it does get easier. I promise!

      I hope some of that rambling on helps. I look forward to following your journey, as well!

      • I appreciate the advice, it is wonderful to hear from someone going through this as well.

        I will check out the shoes with more support. I really need something that will hold up in the long run becasue I am going to try and stick with the 1/2 mile a day or at least six days a week (I do love to relax on Sunday ::grins::).

        I agree with you on the wanting results NOW it is soooo hard to learn to take it slow. You are right though because if its slow and steady then hopefully the lessons you learn will stick and the weight will stay off.

        Thanks for the suggestion with the portion size, I think I will try to use a smaller sized plate. Maybe that will help a bit in that area.

        I have been trying to up the whole foods, veggies and fruits. Exploring new food items that I have never eaten before. I have even found myself craving some raw things. Which I never used to eat. The concept is still pretty new to me. However cutting out fast food last November was the best thing I have ever done.

        Thanks again Ann, I look forward to reading your blog!

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