It’s been a weird week. Monday was good with the trainer again. Tried some reverse push-ups, which are exactly as the name implies…you start on your back and pull yourself up to a fixed bar. Hah! I did about one full one after about four tries. And then we did other back exercises.

I am really struggling with food, though. I have reverted back to not eating enough, again. It’s sort of amazing to me that I can eat as little as I do and weigh as much as I do…darn body survival shut down stuff. This afternoon I am planning a trip to the grocery store and this weekend I am headed to Costco. The biggest issue (still) is the travel. I can’t keep fresh foods around because they spoil while I am gone and the grocery store is not convenient to where I live, so it isn’t conducive to “quick” trips to pick up things on a daily or every-other-day basis. And when I do get home, I am usually reallllly hungry and don’t want to wait for food from the freezer to thaw. I will get this all figured out though…and there are some potential changes finally coming that (if they happen) will reduce my monthly travel. Fingers crossed for that.

In good news – I got supplies ordered to build a raised garden! They should arrive next week. I opted for a composite material kit that is designed to hold up to both hot humid and very cold weather. Hopefully it does…the kit itself got great reviews everywhere I found it online. Costco had the best deal on it; for those of you not Costco members, you can still order it from their website with a $10 non-member surcharge. Even with the $10 the cost is better than anywhere else I found it and shipping is included unlike any of the other sites that had it. I also ordered some decorative fencing to put around it to keep out the smaller critters (like the overcrowded rabbit population). I am hoping it will also deter the deer since there will be other food nearby that is easier for them to get to (read, the neighbor’s garden – yes, I’m evil like that). So, hopefully in another month or so I will have an overstock of fresh veggies to choose from!

That’s about it for now…time to go work on a grocery list so I don’t impulse buy at the store.


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